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Sent : Saturday, December 25, 2004 8:27 AM
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Subject : Answer for Mr.Zakariya Hosam

Dear Mr. Zakariya,Generally i agree with you to kick the Cercassians and the Chechens out of Jordan,those people needs that help,since they came in to ISLAM at the year 1722 they are in troubles,THIS IS MY WISH and I am SHISHANI,and I LOVE MY NATION.
but your information were complatly wrong,I give you the right information about Jordan and the Palastinians and the Bedwin tribs in Jordan and the around erea.

1-The word (JORDAN) is from Aramic word (UORDON)which means (the deepest vally), resorces,,Akkadian-Assierian,,history,

2-The Palastinians (our brothers) they came from (CRIETA)icland ,and they are Greec,not even Arabs or Jewish ,and hardly they speak Arabic language correctly till today, and there land in Palastine is the south coasts of Palastine,

3-whom were the origional people in Jordan?the land of east Jordan river used to be (Syre')and later Syria,there were the( ARBE)which means (the Guards of the Aramic Nation) which means Aramian Army in today's meanings.those people are still there today,they are (the bedwins of SHAMMAR and 3NEZA) and the Aramians cities were full of ASSIERIANS-CALIDANIANS-whom are ARAMIANS.

4-Tribs you are mentioned (Bani Sakhir and the other Banies) are new in Jordan ,they came around the year 500BC from Asir (west Saudi Arabia) and they are Israelies,(From al Asbat)but they are also AKKADIANS.

5-The names you are mentioned (AMON and RABAT AMON) are from the time of (OLD TESTAMENT) which is historical NEW.for this please read Akkadian-Somerian-Assierian-Calidanian-HISTORIES.This is a little of the large history ,if you like to claim to owe Jordan go a head ,and i think this is the best way to the peace in middle east,

6-Regarding that Cercassian officer in (AL MOKHABARAT) who investigated you,You should understand that every hous has a bathroom,and our bathrooms are those officers whom are working in Almokhabarat.

thank you
walid shishani