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Sent : Wednesday, December 1, 2004 7:02 PM
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Subject : Jordan does not mean Eastern Palastine.

This letter is answer on the gentleman who wrote(Jordan is eastern Palastine).

Dear Mr. Abu Watheeqah,
It seems to me that you are very angry of Jordan -king and nation- me too i am angry for them,but i am ajordanian,so where you like to threw me? you will say go back to Chechenya,,,,even that I am the only one who decide that,not you my freind.and so are all jordanians and even the palastinians of jordan,for simple reason ,which is :they are not angry like you, this is no problem what you said , it shows that you are clean and oregional palastinian,you love your nation and you defend their interests, it is nice thing and it is the denity and the honesty,which should be greatly appreciated,BUT LET US BOTH ANSWER THIS HARD AND RIGHT QUASTION which is:- You and me and our QURAAN and ISLAM knows very well that the JEWISH are from MECCA and MADINAH and KHAIBAR and we all know their names (Banu Qainuqa'a and Banu Al Nadeer and Banu Quraidah)and we all know that they were kicked out from their lands by our Prophit Mohammad,and we all know that mostly of them became Moslems for not leaving their land, and we all know that many of the Palastinians and Jordanians are from JEWISH tribals - on this i will not give examples whom they are,,,,- they are by millions my freind and they are Moslems and some of them kings and presidents and Shaikhs and Amirs.YES iam with Palastinian rights to have their own country and their own government,BUT not in Jordan , because at this way you don't solve a problem but you make a bigger one.yes it is more than 70% of Jordanians are from palastinian back ground and nothing wrong in such thing , they are feeling as Jordanians and they are mixed allready by blood with the Jordanians,I am my self is UNCLE for more than 15 palastinians great persons and their many children, So what can we answer ISRAEL? tell them go back?
WHERE? to MECCA OR MADINAH OR KHAIBAR? don't say to EUROP or AMERICA those countries are not their home back yards.As a Jordanian i tell you GIVE Israel their home land and you will have your complate land.MOSES the Massinger he rejected to enter the west Jordan Land (which was not Palastine)palastine was the land between Dead sea and the Mediterian sea to south not to north,after the death of MOSES they interd to
Jerosalim,and the rest of Palastine to day ,what about that ? are you angry? of course you are angry because i talk about your land,,,,and so I am because you talk my land JORDAN.Jordan is not King Abdulla or queen Raniya or JAD and JILAAD and RAUBIN,,,Jordan is a part of AKKADIAN ARAMIC land tens of thousands of years before JESESS.It is too much ...changing the history and the names of the cities and the faces and suspecting the others,IF YOU THINK that AMMAN(PHILADELPHIA) and JADARA and JARASH were built by ANTAR BIN SHADDAD or by ABU BAKIR ASSIDDEEQ you complatly wrong,and now you call it Eastern Palastine... my freind the World is not domm,,,the western World knows your history more than you and me know,,so therefor the World supporting Israel.after this explanation I allowed you GO AND TAKE JORDAN and make it your farm for chickins.Don't forget the PETRA aswell....for your horses.