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Sent : Monday, December 13, 2004 4:56 AM
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Subject : Mr HORANI and the PROSTITUTES

Dear Friends at Arab Times
Greetings again from the freezing UK. It seems to me that a certain group are still living in the mentality of the fifteenth century BC.
While Palestinian women are sacrificing and are fighting as equally as men in the occupied territories, we still hear those mentally sick voices such as the gentleman named AL-HORANI calling them PROSTITUTES. So prostitutes that many of them like Wafa Edris, Ayat Al-Akhras, and Andaleeb Taqatqa have made a very big sacrifice for the sake of their nation.
My friend, I am sure that you have sisters. Speaking of other women especially the most honourable women on earth is not a good sign and certainly indicates your level of upbringing. So never ever accuse innocent people falsely. Then how do you know that all prostitutes are Palestinians?! You must be a frequent visitor of brothels around Jordan then! There may be a number of Palestinian girls who may commit such acts but let me remind you of a very well known figure in Jordan called Asma Khoury (a.k.a RAHEEJA). Is she Palestinian too?! YA AKHI WALLAHI 3AYB 3ALAYKOM!
Secondly you say all thieves are Palestinians. You are partly right. However, is the name SAMEEH WATERMELON (BATEEKHI) sounds Palestinian to you or you did not dare to mention his name because of your common Syrian background?! Is the name MAJD SHAMAYLEH Palestinian? Is the name ZUHAYR ZANOUNEH Palestinian? My friend, if it wasn't for Palestinian wealth invested in Jordan, I am sure you would have never has a computer to send this email from. But still, as a Jordanian first and a Palestinian secondly, I will always love my land Jordan and its people as much as I admire Palestine and its people, whether sick minded people like you like it or not.
Finally, yo have no right at all to threaten Osama Fawzi. My friend, I feel so sorry for you. Being an American citizen, Dr Fawzi could simply print out your email and file a case against you at the US Police saying that your are inciting threat against his life. My friend, the man is protected by the American law, meaning that even if god forbids he is harmed, you and any moron like you will be taken to the electric chair directly or the least life imprisoned. PLEASE THINK 7000 MILLION TIMES BEFORE YOU TALK, WRITE or TYPE. The US law is a civil law not a tribal law whereby innocent people are killed and problems are solved over a cup of coffee. The human has his/her value according to the laws outside the ignorant Arab world.
Thanks again my dear friends at Arab times and to DR FAWZI (my first example to follow): If any idiot is to think about harming you, I'll be your first line of defence.
Salam and please I appreciate it you concealing my email address.
Mohammed Mohammed