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Sent : Saturday, December 18, 2004 11:14 PM
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Dear MR Osama F

 i would like 2 share wed u des story hope u can say any thin about it....iam AHMAD.D from palestine...i finished my high school den as any body wanna contiue my study but accordin 2 de intefada u know de financial siuation of alot of people got so i was tryin 2 get any help from islamic country 2 contiue de study...malaysian emabassy told me dat i can get it from de international islamic university malaysia in kualalumbur...i came here 2 malaysia but i got shocked wen i heared dat dey stopped givin palestanians schoolarship in same time students from busneia and afrerica still can get without any explination about de be honest dey gave me discount 50%....after dat i started my study an after finshin one seme i got letter dat de discount will b cancelled an i got 2 be full fees....i went back 2 palestine 2 look 4 help der from sulta,i went 2 try 2 meet abu amar den i couldnt dey asked me 2 meet his officer i think his name abu azam if iam not mistaken...i explained 4 him every think an wat he wanswerd me was: dear we sendin money 4 student in every part of de world...u have to chick in de palestanian empassy in malaysia kl an tell dem that u sent by abu azzam...i asked him 2 give me decument 2 prove that den he said u just mintion my name....i came back to malaysia not bcz of wat he said bcz i didnt believe it since iam not dat silly....but still wanna folow wat dey sayin @ least i might have hope i told my palestanians friends here an we went to de palestanian emabssy three of us...u will not immagine wat was abig shock 4 us...we reached der we asked de security 2 open de door 4 wat dey said we cant go in until we disclose 2 dem why we wanna go in...we told dem we just wanna meet de embasseder den dey called inside and dey got de orders not 2 open until we disclose every thing be4 we go in even though dey know dat we r palestanians by de decuments we have....after dat by one hour dey allowed us 2 go in...we set wed de secritary of de embasseder an i told him about wat i was told in de moqataa in rammallah...he looked @ me an said all des just stories...none of dem is true..we havnt recieved any thing...c u next time an bye

dat wat dey told us in de embassy....i thought i would find dem so busy dat why dey didnt let us in faster but i was shocked dat it was so empty...only de man who met us an chinese malaysian lady who is workin der....

wat i wanna say dat we still hanggin in malaysia without study or work bcz we cant get any job all our money is eaten by these fuckers who r ridin de latest cars an stayin in de best places in embasseder,his wife an his daughter always in de best resturents an coffee shops while we cant get our right of study....des is our situation in malaysia i hope any one can hear us

thanx alot

palestanian in malaysia