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Sent : Sunday, July 4, 2004 10:30 AM
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Subject : We want our rights

Dear Dr.O.Fawzi

Sorry to write to you in English but we don't have Arabic language in our system . We need your help to get back our money from the Health Authority of Qatar.

The Story is

We are Import-Export Company in north of Italy , We received an order to export to Alheba Trading Company in Doha 33 type of seafood Antipasti , the quantities were little but it was a start , we were happy to start business with that area specially as you know that International Markets these days are not so good .
We prepared everything as usual , with all documents and health certificates as we do with the rest of world , plus we prepared the Arabic Stickers as this is the procedure in most of Arab Countries ( we deal with Egyptian companies and we send weekly to Cairo with no problems) .

We usually ask for advance payment or letter of credit , but our mistake was that we believed that these people are not that kind of people who make problems for payment etc.

We sent the products professional packed on board of Qatar Air Ways AWB / 157 00183341 dated June 11 -2004 direct flight Milano(Malpensa) -Doha .

On June 16-2004 we received a fax from the importing co stating that the Health Authority have confiscated all the products and they will send us a condemnation certificate later.

We received a copy by fax from that Condemnation Certificate stating that all products has been confiscated because of :
1- Colours numbers are not the same and validity date printed on additional sticker .
2- the ingredients label in English is not the same in Arabic with wrong translation
3- Production date in English five days before production date in Arabic and expiry date with the same different date.
Certificate dated 21/6/2004.

The importing company refused to pay the invoice because as they say - they received nothing - .

We want to state that :
1- Our invoice was clear and CIF term was on the invoice .
2- We did not send drugs or alcohol materials.
3- The Health Authority did not state or declared that they found any radioactive or poisons materials in the products
neither any unhealthy or dangerous to human beings nor to the environment.
4-We agree that there was an error in Arabic translation , but that error was a very stupid one and means nothing , it
was exactly like this - In Italian it was written the colours numbers E160 C - E170 , and because our system does not read
Arabic language it came out like this C160 E -170 E. That was the very big and the very serious accusation that made
the Health Authority to kill and destroy the products . Plus that the difference in Expiry dates was in Arabic - We had
to make it less than Italy
because of the hot weather in Qatar like many other Arabic countries ( For Egypt we decrease the expiry date due to
expected hot weather ) . Plus the label was in Italian not in English .
5-They did not found any prohibited materials or atomic bomb , anyhow by international commercial laws they should
have sent it back to us as long as it does not contain any forbidden,prohibited or contaminated materials , which they
did not do , and intentionally destroyed all the products ( the Arabic error was only on 4 kinds out of 33 ) .

Now we don't know how or to whom should we ask our money . The value of invoice is € 3897,04 , if we go to court we will have to pay a lot more than the invoice , we tried the peaceful way and we sent to H.H the prince of Qatar , to H.H the crown prince of Qatar,to all Diwans of the prince of Qatar , to the Chamber of commerce of Qatar , and even to three newspapers of Qatar ... The result is nothing .. no one cared to reply to us ..

Now when some authority violates the laws and miss use the authority ,,, to whom we should compliant ???
we are sending to you this compliant because we are sure that if you publish it , we will receive at least a reply .

All we want is our invoice to be paid as long as we can not get back our stuff ( we are 100% sure that it was destroyed in their tummies ).

We have a Question please .. if someone goes to Qatar and they found a spelling mistakes in his passport do they shoot him ?
As far as we know that spelling mistakes or print mistakes can happen in official letters, newspapers,and even in Holly Books ,,, but we never heard that a secretary or print shop personnel has been killed or eliminated for that .


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