Subj: Date: 5/23/01 21:18:22 Central Daylight Time
From: (Mohamed Nezami)
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Demonstrating against the tyrant savage Zionist State is a right of expression, and every Jordanian is entitled to it. Unfortunately, with every peaceful demonstration comes hooligans, who disturb the event, and it's the government job to isolate these individuals. Very often in the Arabworld, hooligans may be hired by the government itself to rationalize prohibiting future public gatherings that may endanger these illegitimate regimes. Remember this, Arab regimes are all illegitimate, none of them represent the people, so its in the interest of every Arab regime to prohibit any form of national gathering, or any form of solidarity. In Egypt, women groups are still not allowed to form a women organizations, women feminist Dr. Sadawi has gone to jail and the government distorted her image several times in an attempt to dissolve any women unity in Egypt. Arab leaders survive and thrive on their people being divided and hungry, with no energy at the end of the day left to question the validity or legitimation of the current regime. In Jordan, we have a perfect situation of this. Recently, the government had used this technique to cover up its crimes of beating up peaceful demonstrators, it orchestrated a physical fight between two parliament members, one is Cirassian and the other is a Bedouin. Naturally, people forgot the incident of human right violation by the government, and the streets are again pre-occupied with ethnical verbal fights and being able to feed on plain bread.

Our Jordanian nationalists are facing a conspiracy. Who is targeting our most prominent Jordanian native politicians and businessmen? Is it the palace?; is it an underground Palestinians group? is it Israel ?., who is behind this ?. Who is benefiting from destroying any Jordanian who rises above the rest to demand our stolen rights from our government or from those who we invited to be part of our families? .Mohamed Nezami, an engineer and Dr. of Engineering was arrested and humiliated, just for having been a Jordanian from Souf, and having made remarks against the corruption of king Abdalla's officials. His story is detailed at
First it was Ahmad Obeidat, he was humiliated and was removed; then Laith Shbeilat, while Queen Noor came from a democratic country (USA), that allows its people to criticize ones in charge, she had the Jordanian secret service arrest and torture Mr. Shbeilat for having criticized her crying tears at the Zionist criminal Rabin's death. Now its Ahmad Abadi, a Jordanian scholar, who had written more than 70 books, taught at JU has been converted into a felonies by someone in our government/royal family, several others were humiliated, arrested, and defamed. Dr. Abadi was first chased by few renegade GID agents ( see,,
then was sat up with a false charge of having rapped his brother's doughtier by the criminal mafia and former head of the GID Batikhi, then cleared, now comes a new conspiracy and a set up at the hand of a Circassian bully ( Baltagy) that got elected by the GID to represent our Circassian brothers in the parliament. We believe Dr. Abadi is innocent, he is one of our most respected intellects, and we ask every Jordanian to send in his objections to the king and to our prime minister,
this is too much.

Mohamed Khalid Nezami, Ph.D.
Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer and adjunct EE