Subj: English & Israeli Secret Documents Requested from Dr. Fawzi or
Date: 5/23/01 11:57:03 Central Daylight Time
From: (George Canaan)

Dear Dr. Fawzi:
I have read your article about the king of Jordan and the Harsh & Barbaric treatment of his police to the peaceful demonstrators in Amman, Jordan, in which the police used the Nazi and Israel-like dogs to encounter the Demonstrators and I found it excellent and truthful and constructive criticism of the young king who spent all his 39 years in England and USA. He is also half English.

You presented a very logical and legitimate question about the King's western education and culture and his barbaric applications treatment for his fellow citizens in Jordan.

I salute and praise you and your staff on a very excellent articles about the Fascist and barbaric regimes we have in the Arab World.

I have read about King Abdullah I and his secrets with the British Government and the Zionist Terrorist Organisations leadres back in the thirties and forties of the twentieth century in several western books in the libraries of American Universities. But they were never confirmed by the Israeli Zionist leaders nor by the British Government. As a Jordanian, I have always known about these secrets , but I have never been sure of them.

Now that the British and Terrorist Israeli Governments have revealed and confirmed these secrets. I can not understand why on earth the people of Jordan are still loyal to this traitor family.

Finally, I would be very grateful to you and your paper, if you email me a copy of the documented secrets of King Abdullah I that you mentioned in your article.

George Canaan