dear sir

I arrived at QA airport in Amman Jordan on 15th of May 1999 from Miami Florida. As I presented my USA passport (after paying 45 US$ for a visa,which was stamped on my passport), I was asked if I was Mohamed Nezami, I answered yes. Then the immigration officer took me a side and made a phone call. After that, I was escorted to a small room; all of this while my
family was still waiting for me at the arrival terminal. 2 hours later I was blindfolded And escorted by large 6 gunmen wearing army uniforms.

Close to 40 minutes in a small Jeep I arrived at the General Jordanian intelligence headquarter in Amman Jordan (GID) . An agent whose name was identified as "Abu Marwan" greeted me by saying, " I want to show you that your American passport will not protect you". Who then told me, that I would be hosted by his department for an unknown period? I then asked him to make a phone call to let my family know he denied me access to a lawyer or to the phone call. For the next three days, I was being held in an underground cell, with no light and no fresh air, with very bad food, and no sleep. Sounds of torture and other horrible voices were being heard from adjacent cells. They kept taking me upstairs to the intelligence offices using the same method I was taken from the airport (being blind folded, hand cuffed, and escorted by two soldiers). The interrogations were about everything, long, and full of intimations and threats.

Three days later, I was sent to a police station, where I spent three days in a small cell with more than 60 criminals in each cell which did not exceed 5 feet long, with no air-conditions, nor any proper bath, my luggage was with me, among which my computer disks, which contained my final PHD dissertation was damaged at the hand of the GID examiners. Then I was sent to a court, which charged me for royal family slandering. I was sent to jail with no bail for 15 days. After that my family assigned me a lawyer, whose expenses were paid by my father. Not to give the final details of how I as a US citizen was treated. My final court is this week or next week.

In addition to those details, I was continuously being harassed and battered inside the Jwedeh jail during my 15 days. I was further being drugged while inside the jail cell. Either my cellmate or one of the police officers put a drug ( "saleba") pill inside my hot tea. Several times GID agents being disguised as being prisoners, who offered me drugs, homosexuality, and other
things, were contacting me. I have also witnessed torture of other prisoner's daily at the hand of police officers and other prisoners, not to mention the daily sexual assault on some of the prisoners . There is no way on earth that I Mohamed Nezami, who spent 15 years in USA studying and working will ever psychologically be the same.

Furthermore, I was surprised at the USA embassy which did not offer any help, I as a American citizen should be entitled to be helped in a situation.

After all of this, I spent 5 months in a forced stay in Jordan, while the military court processing my trial, both my USA passport and Jordanian passport were held by the Jordanian secret service. The USA embassy was not able to get my USA passport back, even though it is unconstitutional for a US passport to be taken by a foreign government. The Jordanian government sent in a government witness to testify against me, he was a police office,
whom I never saw in my life, nor was interrogated with, this was done, so the Jordanian secret service stays out of the court room. Finally, they found me guilty based on a printed photo-static copy of an internet chat room's script , signed by an Alias ( something that can not be qualified as a proof according to Jordanian law). The Jordanian secret service hide all
of my posting revealing corruption in Jordan, while it only presented one barograph in which they claimed it insulted King Abdullah. The court sentenced me to three months jail sentence, which I was able to exchange for money. I paid my fines, and left to USA.

While on a short trip to Syria and on my way back, I was stopped by the Jordanian GID check point at Ramtha city for few hours, with my US passport held inside. Again, I was asked to check with the GID. The GID kept following me anywhere I went, and even disturbing my social life, through phone calls, and making check calls, or contacting people whom I'm associated with.

This was an unjust ordeal, and it is threatening, since now if they charge me with such thing, they could impose harder penalty on me.

During the time I was held by the Jordanian secret service, I lost my job in USA causing me an estimated loss of 50,000 US$ in annual pay. I lost all of my credit cards, I lost all of my mail, which was sent back, I also missed presenting two accepted technical papers at electronics/signal processing conferences, personal wireless conference (Osaka Japan, and international signal processing conference in Orlando, FL).
Furthermore, my computer
diskettes which were taken by the Jordanian secret service were damaged by their agents checking its contents. Even after the ordeal was over, I was still living in fear, while at the GID, they kept threatening me, by saying, " we can get you, do not think being in USA is a protection for you, swear to Allah, we brin you back in a sack". As to the publisher of ArabTimes in USA  dr. Osama Fawzi , who detailed my story, they toldme, he was going to be taken in a sack some day back to the GID headquarter.(Amman-Jordan).

I fear for my life and the life of my family in Jordan, and action must be taken to assure that my human right, and my liberty is maintained, despite those at the GID, who do not respect human life, and represent a real threat to the King by practicing such narcotic actions against citizens of Jordan. I can summed it all in this: My US and Jordanian constitutional rights were
violated. I urge that you report this to his majesty the king, and every human right organization.

If you desire details feel free to email me at

write to me at P.O. Box 161 boca Raton, Fl 33429.


Mohamed Khalid Nezami, Ph.D.
Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer and adjunct EE

A citizen of Jordan and a citizen of the USA,
Living in Florida, Saturday, December 14, 2002