Subj: Copy Rights
Date: 12/31/01 5:21:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Islam's Best Source)

Dear Publisher,

Whether the story of Queen Rania is true or not, we need to get your
attention to the English reply you have on your site about women dress
code in Islam. The article you reported as the reply of Queen Rania to

This article is copied word by word from a copy right protected article
on our web site at;

We expect that you will add, ASAP, a note to your article saying that
the English reply is taken from the above address.

We have no problem allowing you to keep the article on your site as
long as you give the credit where it is due. We were advised by our
lawyer to keep a copy of your site on our hard disc whcih we did.

As a publisher, I hope you understand and respect copy rights. We will
be happy to co-operate with you in the future as needed.


Sharif Khan

Tucson, AZ

Subj: Queen Rania
Date: 12/30/01 2:17:55 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Layth -)

Dear Osama Fawzi,
I read with great pleasure the article published by Queen Rania regarding the 'Dress Code' for women in the Quran.
I would like to say that Queen Rania has correctly and accuratly presented the words of the Almighty and that the 'Hijab' is indeed nothing but an innovation which found its way into Islamic culture.
What was of great distress in reading the article was the sarcastic and hypocritical introduction placed by Arab Times (Mr. Zuhair Jabur)...I would like to tell Mr. Zuhair and your other readers that you have no idea how far Islam has drifted from the message of the Quran and that by attacking Queen Rania's boldness, you are in-fact trying to hide and distort the clear teachings of GOD.
Layth - Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Subj: Queen Rania's Response
Date: 12/30/01 11:25:27 AM Central Standard Time
From: Z646

Thank you for publishing Queen Rania's response to your article in Arab Times. We appreciate the professionalism (which is not very common in Arab publications) which you showed in publishing a response that disagrees with your point of view. This adds to the respect I have for you at Arab Times.
With all due respect for Mr. Zuhair Jabr's point of view about the Queen's two requests, I must side with Dr. Fawzi's decision to respect the Queen's requests. The first request, not to publish her email address, is very reasonable, since it is a request to respect her right to privacy. Even tabloid papers in the U.S., to my knowledge, never publish email addresses of the celebrities they love to annoy. Respect for other's privacy is a common decency that most people have no problem honoring. It would be almost as invasive as publishing their private telephone numbers. Being a Queen does not exempt her from her right to privacy. As for her second request, I defer to your professional judgement on that, and does not interest me.
As for the content of her response, I am very impressed with her argument. She presents a very convincing and documented argument, and, I believe, she has the right under the Quran to "Ijtihaad", or making an honest effort to understand the words of God and His Book, as God made it clear that interpreting the Quran was not a monopoly of scholars or organized religion, and that each believer should be able to understand and interpret the words of God, as He intended it to be easy for them to do. So, we do not have to agree with her point of view to respect her point of view and her right to have one.
I noticed in her response that is was scholarly and almost academic, with persuasion (hijjah) as a tool and a goal. This is something unusual coming from a royal court, which usually issues condescending, all-knowing, decrees and opinions that do not seek to elicit persuation as much as it seeks to elicit fear and obedience to the court's rulings.
Last, I would like to say that if the letter was written by Queen Ranya, I was very impressed with the level of her discourse and education and articulation of her points. Jordan is lucky to have such a Queen which combines brains and beauty.
If you wish to forward this letter to the editor to Queen Rania, to show her that there are people out there in America who admire her and support her point of view, please do so.

Subj: hijab
Date: 12/29/01 6:23:05 AM Central Standard Time
From: (mshahin)

Dear Sir,

With regard to her Majesty Queen Rania , one should remember that part
of Islam rules are the orders given by profit Mohammed.
In the holly Quoran it is said (( whatever the profit gave you , so you
should take , and whatever he forbids you of , so you should stop.))
A moslem should take the Hadeeth as a source also in understanding
To give an explanation for the importance of Hadeeth we should think of
the prayer we do five times a day .
In Quoran , moslems are ordered to pray, but it were never mentioned the
way prayer should be performed.
Profit Mohammed said (( pray the same way you have seen me pray)).
If Hadeeth is not taken as a source of Islamic rules, we would not be
praying the same way we are doing since the days of profit Mohammed.
The dress code is taken from what we call Al Hadeeth Al shareef .
Profit Mohammed saw once Asma'a bint Abu Bakker with a thin dress on,
and to her he said ( when a woman reaches puppetry nothing should be
seen of her except her hands and face)
Thank you.
Mutaz Shahin

Subj: Your articles about Queen Rania of Jordan
Date: 12/28/01 7:24:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Dr. Khalid Al-Begain)

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all well and don't stop the good work. A lot hates your guts, but that what happens when you say the truth like it is.

Regarding Rania's Email to you, it showed clearly that any non-Muslim who is totally ignorant about Islam will know more than what she does. Furthermore, Mohammed (peace & blessing be upon him) is a prophet and a messenger and most of the Islamic law is derived from his sayings or doings and to say any thing rather than that is disbelieving in Allah and his prophet. Also, the points that she mentions in the end of her letter were teachings of Prophet Mohammed (peace & blessing be upon him), and she should have been a true Muslim (and I doubt that) and respected the prophet and not just mention his name while she rudely refer to herself as Her Majesty Queen Rania.

Sorry but I have to say this... Let her cover her Ass before giving us lessons in Islam which forbids selling the Muslims out to the Jews, stealing & beating your own "Muslim" citizens, and parading your body.

Thanks & Best Regards

Subj: Rania's Article
Date: 12/28/01 11:13:16 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Abdel-Aziz Elwadya)
Reply-to: (Abdel-Aziz Elwadya)


what Rania Send"which i believe she didn't write any character of it, but i think there was a commette"of payed olamaa' is behind it" is a very serious issue , this will take us to great debatemaybe 90% of us don't know that much about it,
please before answering her or responding to her article , please go to the olamaa' and ask them first.
jazakom allah khiran

allahoma najena men al fetan
Abdel-Aziz Elwadya
Calgary, Canada

Subj: I ask you Not To Publish my name and email
Date: 12/27/01 12:09:50 PM Central Standard Time
From: Reply-toTo:

To the Arab Times editor:

The following is a reply to the message sent by Queen Rania on the issue of hijab. My name is:

I ask you Not To Publish my name and email, please. Please do not forget to delete my name and email before you run this reply.

Following is the text of my reply:

After reading Queen Rania's message to Arab Times, I had a discussion with a trusted friend of mine about whether someone should reply to her to show her false arguments. My friend advised me not to. He said that she is not the first, nor will she be the last, to try to distort the teachings of Islam. He said that there have been many attempts to question some of the well-established rules of Islam, but all of them failed because Islam is deep-rooted in the minds and hearts of its TRUE adherents.

However, I thought it is my duty as a Muslim to reply to Queen Rania's message in order to inform the readers about some of the inaccuracies contained therein. First of all, I have to say that the Queen used outwardly sound reasoning to support her specious arguments, to an extent that some people--who are not knowledgeable about Islam--might be misled into believing that her talk has some truth to it. However, it is Allah's will that falsehood--no matter what language it employs--shall not prevail.

My reply will center on two main points. First, her wrong interpretation of the Koranic verses that concern the "dress code" for women in Islam. Second, her view of the Sunna [the body of teachings prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad, prayer and peace be upon him, including the Prophet's words and deeds, as verified and traced by generations of reputable, trusted, and God-fearing Muslim scholars]. But before I do that, I would like to make a few general remarks.

Frankly, I think that what prompted the Queen's message is not her attempt to clarify the dress code of women in Islam as much as it is her attempt to explain to her Western friends that Islam does not have a strict dress code for women. She wrote her message in English because she does not want most Arab people to understand what she said. I challenge her to write her message in Arabic and publish it in the major Jordanian dailies and weeklies if what she is saying is the truth.

The major problem the Queen faces here is that the dress code of women has never been a debatable issue in Islam. The only disagreement that exists in this context--if any--is whether women should cover their faces or not. But there is definitely no disagreement over covering all other parts of the body among all people who have read and studied the Koran--and who are much more knowledgeable than the Queen about the Koran and about the meanings of Arabic words. They all believe that covering a woman's head and hair is absolutely part of the so-called dress code of women in Islam. There is plenty of evidence to support this. I might even go a step further and inform the Queen that covering the face and palms, which some scholars excluded from the dress code, is a must, according to some knowledgeable scholars, who have spent all their lives studying the Koran and whose evidence defeats the evidence produced by the other team (which says that the face and palms can be reveale

I do sympathize with the Queen and I know that it is difficult for her to explain to a Western woman that Islam asks women to stay at home and avoid going out unless it is necessary [Surat Al-Ahzab, verse 33]. Of course, Islam asks women to cover up when they leave their homes. No matter how hard the Queen tries to fashion her own version of Islam--a version acceptable to the West--I am afraid that she cannot. The reason is very simple: Allah revealed the Koran in plain Arabic language and it is difficult to circumvent the message and tenor of the verses to suit our own whims. I must caution the Queen here that trying to please her Western friends by misrepresenting some of the basic tenets of Islam will not work. Again, the reason is very simple: Allah tells us in the Koran that the Jews and Christians shall never be pleased with us unless we follow their religion. If you have managed to misrepresent the meaning of the dress code in Islam, can you--and the scholars who h
elp you--find a way to change the meaning of the Koranic verses that talk about the Jews and Christians? Can you tell your Christian friends that you regard them as devout worshipers, when Allah tells us in the Koran that they are unbelievers and that they shall burn in the Hellfire eternally (read the entire suras of Al-Baqara and Al Imran)? Can you highlight to your Western friends only the general verses in the Koran and suppress those that speak about jihad and about fighting the infidels and polytheists (which the Koran mostly names as Jews and Christians)? Can you ignore the fact that the first verse of the Koran (Al-Fatiha) ends with the following prayer to Allah: "Guide us to the right path; the path of those whom you have favored, and not those who have incurred your wrath, nor those who have gone astray"? Can you and your royal scholars come up with a different interpretation of "those who have incurred your wrath" other than the Jews and of "those who have gone astra
y" other than the Christians? I don't think you can.

If you managed to manipulate the issue of the hijab in a deceptive, yet exposed, manner, I don't think that you can manipulate the rest of the verses of the Koran. Therefore, I advise you not to waste your breath by trying to explain to Westerners that Islam is a tolerant religion toward them and that it respects them and their beliefs because this is definitely not the case. While it is true that Muslims are tolerant, they do not go easy on non-Muslims who are waging war on Islam. Besides, Islam is very strict when it comes to its fundamental beliefs and tenets. There can be no compromise over our creed. The inter-faith dialogue advocated by some Muslims means one thing only: How we can explain our religion to others so that they can convert to Islam. This dialogue stems from Allah's order to us to spread our Islamic message. Our Islamic tenets cannot be tampered with, even if you hire all the quasi-clerics in the world to support your wrong views.

I know that it is difficult for you to tell your Western friends--especially when you are speaking on an American talk show and addressing the liberal women of the West who go out to their jobs half-naked--that the model enforced by the Taliban in Afghanistan has deep roots in Islam and is by no means a "version" of Islam invented by Mulla Omar. However, you have no right to distort the teachings of Islam, especially those that apply to women, to please your Western friends and to appear as a "civilized and open-minded' woman.

I don't want to go into detail to try to explain that your understanding of the Koranic verses that speak about the Islamic dress code for women is absolutely lopsided. A lot of scholars have already written volumes on the subject. It is enough here to state the following points:

1. It is not up to any person to understand the Koran the way (s)he wants. There are rules that govern the understanding of the Koran, and in doing your research, you have applied none of them. It is not enough to say that this word means this or that to prove your point. When trying to understand the Koran, it is not enough to know the literal meaning of words; you have to be aware of the general context, the drift and tenor of the Koran, and the entire body of Koranic teachings. Understanding the Koran also requires knowledge of the occasion on which each verse was revealed and knowledge of all other relevant verses in the Book. For example, do you know that some rulings stated in the early suras of the Koran were abrogated by verses revealed at a later stage?

2. If you study the best interpretations of the Koran, which include Ibn Kathir, al-Tabari, al-Qortobi, and Tafsir al-Jalalain, you will find that they differ with you in your understanding of the dress verses. Can we say that you are more knowledgeable than all those devout scholars, who devoted their entire lives to reading and studying the Koran? I don't think so.

3. Let me briefly quote some of what these scholars say (for the sake of people who don't have access to their books).

-- Al-Tabari says in his explanation of the verse about "khomorihin": " cover their hair and necks...". Al-Qortobi says about this verse: "The reason for this verse is that when women at that time covered their heads by "akhmirah," they [these akhmirah] were stretched behind their backs...but the neck and ears remained without a cover, so Allah ordered that these akhmirah be wrapped around their bosoms as well."

--Yosef al-Qardawi, who is deemed a "moderate" and "lenient" scholar in his views, says about covering the hair of women: "Muslims, in all ages and countries, are unanimous that a woman's hair must not be exposed to public view." He says that the word "khimar" is used to describe any cover, and it seems that it is this sense that misled people who argued about the hair, although this general sense is different from the particular sense of the verse. He adds if a word has several meanings, the proofs and context determine the correct sense.

I can go on forever and quote from all the renowned interpreters of the Koran to show you that your understanding is incorrect, but I think the second point is much more important.

It is agreed among all esteemed Muslim scholars that a person who denies the Prophet's Sunna is an infidel and a non-believer in Islam. I cannot talk enough about the importance of the Sunna. The Koran and the Sunna go together; they are inseparable. Any attempt to understand the Koran on its own is doomed to failure. The reason is that both the Koran and the Sunna are words of Allah. The Sunna is Allah's words as communicated to the Prophet. Remember what Allah tells us in the Koran; namely, that every word the Prophet utters is communicated to him through the Angel [Jibril]. [Surat al-Najm, verse 3]

There are many Koranic verses that order us to obey the Prophet, so how can we dismiss the sayings of the Prophet and claim that these were fabricated by scholars? Consider the following verses:

O ye who believe! Obey Allah and the Messenger... [4:59]

And we sent down the Book to thee for the express purpose that thou shouldst make clear to them those things in which they differ, and that it should be a guide and a mercy to those who believe. [16:64]

He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah... [4:80]

Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day... [33:21]

And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatever he forbids you, abstain from it. [59:7]

And let those who oppose the Messenger's commandment (i.e. his Sunnah--legal ways, orders, acts of worship, statements, etc) beware lest some fitnah (disbelief, trials, afflictions, earthquakes, killing, overpowered by a tyrant, etc) befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them. [24:63]

In all these verses, it is clear that Allah orders us to emulate the Prophet, and this includes everything the Prophet said or did, including the way we eat, drink, sleep, etc. Scholars did not spend their entire lives documenting these words and deeds to make the life of people harder; their sole purpose was to preserve the Prophet's traditions so that people would always know how the Prophet lived and emulate him, in compliance with Allah's wishes. It is known that some of the Prophet's traditions or ahadith are weak and these are dismissed by the scholars, but the traditions Muslims must follow are those genuine practices and statements that are well documented in Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and some other Sunna books. These books cannot be doubted because the scholars who recorded them exerted tremendous efforts in compiling and arranging them and their authenticity is well-established. Recording hadith is a science in itself that has strict rules and regulations. No
one can dismiss this entire body of hadith as unimportant unless s(he) is completely unaware of the ABC's of Islam.

Although the Koran is perfect and complete, Allah gave some general orders in some verses without elaborating on them. The Sunna did this job. For example, Allah orders us to cut off the hand of the thief, but He did not explain from which point the hand should be cut off (is it the entire hand, the wrist, etc.) The Prophet's traditions explained this point. Allah ordered us to pray, but He did not explain to us the manner of praying. The Sunnah explained this in detail. This also applies to fasting, hajj, zakah, jihad, etc.

As I have said earlier, I do sympathize with the Queen and I know that she--and other people around the Islamic world--are making every possible effort to apologize to the West and try to explain to it that Islam loves it. A Muslim writer said recently that Muslims should encourage "moderate Islam." I don't know what he means by moderate Islam, because as far as I know, there is one Islam. But I will tell you what I think he means. I think he is referring to those Muslims who are affiliated to Islam by virtue of their birth certificate only; that is, Muslims who do not adhere to Allah's commandments--not even those commandments stated explicitly in the Koran, let alone the Sunna--and who do everything Allah forbids them to do. Well, I am afraid that those people do not belong to Islam. So if this writer wants to tell the West that those "moderate" Muslims represent Islam, then he is entertaining illusions and can fool no one except himself. Islam is represented only by the p
eople who practice it, fully and completely, as ordered by Allah and His Prophet.

I sincerely advise the Queen to repent and wear the proper Islamic dress--so that she can represent Islam--because there will come a day when she will stand alone in front of Allah and be asked about every single word she said. At that moment, none of her friends will be able to help her.

Subj: hijab
Date: 12/29/01 6:23:05 AM Central Standard Time
From: (mshahin)

Dear Sir,

With regard to her Majesty Queen Rania , one should remember that part
of Islam rules are the orders given by profit Mohammed.
In the holly Quoran it is said (( whatever the profit gave you , so you
should take , and whatever he forbids you of , so you should stop.))
A moslem should take the Hadeeth as a source also in understanding
To give an explanation for the importance of Hadeeth we should think of
the prayer we do five times a day .
In Quoran , moslems are ordered to pray, but it were never mentioned the
way prayer should be performed.
Profit Mohammed said (( pray the same way you have seen me pray)).
If Hadeeth is not taken as a source of Islamic rules, we would not be
praying the same way we are doing since the days of profit Mohammed.
The dress code is taken from what we call Al Hadeeth Al shareef .
Profit Mohammed saw once Asma'a bint Abu Bakker with a thin dress on,
and to her he said ( when a woman reaches puppetry nothing should be
seen of her except her hands and face)
Thank you.
Mutaz Shahin

Subj: letter to (Queen) Rania
Date: 12/26/01 5:24:33 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Maan Shaban)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
وبعد نشكركم جزيل الشكر على نشر ما كتبته بما تسمى الملكة رانيا فإلا متى يبقى هؤلاء يتملقون ويتمسحون للغرب وإعتماد الافكار الغربية في ديننا ومتى كانت رانيا تعرف اصول الدين الاسلامي لتتجرأ وتفسر القرآن برأيها فالحديث النبوي الشريف يقول "من فسر القرآن برأيه فليتبوأ مقعده من النار" وإذا كانوا هؤلاء يحفظون القرأن ويستطيعوا تفسيره فما بالهم لم يمروا بالآية الكريمة"فإن إستنصروكم في الدين فعليكم النصر" الانفال - 72 - وإخوانهم المسلمين من الفلسطينيين يقتلون ويذبحون أمام أعينهم ولايحركون ساكناً أم إن تفسير القرآن عندهم على حسب أهوائهم
من المؤكد إني لست الوحيد الذي يكتب رداً على تفسير( الامام) رانيا للقرآن ولكني لم أستطع أن أقرأ ما كتبته رانيا ولا أرد عليها ولو بجزأ بسيط عما يعتمر في قلوبنا من حنق على هذه الهراءات وأكون شاكراً لو مررتم هذه الرسالة الى (الامام) رانيا!!! وشكراً جزيلاً على كل ماتقدموه

معن شعبان

Subj: موضوع الملكة رانيا العبدالله
Date: 12/26/01 1:36:48 AM Central Standard Time
From: (salem rashed)

الســيد الفاضل زهير جبر

السلام عليكم

ياأخي الفاضل بالنسبة لموضوع الملكة رانيا العبدالله اعتقد إن هذا اجتهاد
من جلالتها فالإنسان يخطئ ويصيب وهذه أمور دينية فارجو أن لايكون ممسك على
صاحبة الأعمال النبيلة والأمور الخيرة

أخي الفاضل
يجب أن لايطول الموضوع فمهما كان هذه زوجة الملك عبدالله بن الحسين بن طلال
والمثل يقول :

تكرم عين من أجل بلد
عزيزي المحترم
نكن كل تقدير وإجلال وإحترام للعائلة المالكة في الأردن الشقيق
فنحن نقف قلبا وقالبا معهم فسعادتهم تسعدنا

سالم العازمي

Subj: رد الملكة رانيا
Date: 12/25/01 8:46:57 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Didi Ala)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
بعد التحية

بخصوص رد الملكة رانيا على ما نشرتموه من قبل عنها ، فأحب أن أوضح أنني سبق أن قرأت هذا الرد بعينه في موقع على الشبكة من زمن بعيد ، وهو رد لـ أحمد عقلة
وهو موجود على موقع :

ومن المؤكد أنه نقل بطريقة القص واللصق ، مع حذف الآيات القرآنية دون رقمها !! ـ

شاكرا لكم جهودكم ، رغم الاختلاف !!ـ
عبد العزيز علاء

Subj: Re: Holy Mama Rania's Opinion about Hijab
Date: 12/25/01 12:39:05 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Bill Smith)

Dear Editor,

I would like to see this reply at the same place where
the original message was published.

Best Regards
Bill Smith

I would like to know how does her majisty the qween
categorize the people who pray 5 times a day “because
they think God ordered it”? Are they “committing
Idol-worship” as well?

Qura’an does not specify the number nor the way of the
prayers, it only orders Muslims to “Establish
Prayers”. Does Almighty Allah leave that also to our
“convenience and Relax”? So if you live in New York it
is OK to pray once a month and there is no need for
you to bow or kneel, but if you are in Amman you have
to pray once a week. And if it happened that you are
in Saudi Arabia then you have to pray 5 times a day?

Accusing women who are wearing Hijab of being
Idol-worshippers, is a precedence that never happened
before in the Islamic history even from the enemies of
Islam. And I am really surprised how she had the
courage to issue such a statement. At the same time I
am looking forward to hearing from the leaders of the
“Islamic Movements” in Jordan and other countries what
do they think about the latest Tafseer of Qur’an by
her majesty? What does Dr. Abdul Lattif Arabeyat
think? What does Dr. Bassam Al Umoush think? What does
Dr. Abdul Raheem Al ukour think? What does Dr. Hamza
Mansour think? What does Dr. Issak Al-Farhan think?
What does Imam Alhadra Ahmad Hlayel think? What do
other Islamic movements think? Who has the courage to
tell her majesty the queen “ Etha Buleetom Fa

“Muhammed” Our beloved prophet Peace Be Upon Him and
on all who follow his teaching has informed us about
the time when people say that they believe only in
what is in the Qur’an and not anything else. He also
informed us about the time of the “Rowaybeda” which is
crystal clear in the case of her majesty.

Best Regards
Bill Smith

Subj: Response on Queen Rania's article
Date: 12/25/01 9:29:57 AM Central Standard Time
From: (real muslim)

Dear Sir,
I am sending this response in English because my
operating system doesn't support the Arabic language
and I will try to explain what I want to say as clear
as possible.

First of all, the analysis that was given by queen
Rania is not hers. It seems that some one who did it.
Because such an analysis needs some specialized people
to do and I doubt that queen Rania is having such an
analysis ability.


The Holy Qur'an is not as simple to understand as she
claimed because if it is easy to understand, then
there was no need for the prophet Mohammed ( P.B.O.H
)to spend 23 years to explain it to people because
they were the people of Arabic language and they were


Her analysis proves what ALLAH says in SURAT AL EMRAN
TASHABAHA MENHO ... etc ". So, who did this analysis
is following the resemblances in the Qur'an which are
fully described by the Sunnah. So any thing that is
not so distinct in the Qur'an is given by the Sunnah
which is the duty of the prophet. Thus, If we say that
ALLAH had to give the details, then what would be the
role of the prophet? In addition, ALLAH, then, would
be waisting his words in one subject ( HASHA LILLAH
to waste his words ).


Who did the analysis is aiming to create ( FIT'NA )
among muslims and to encourage ( FAHESHA ) among
muslim women. So, who did the analysis made a use of
the position of queen Rania to transfer his/her
thoughts to people.


Queen Rania sent this analysis because she found who
is supporting her thoughts. And, as you indicate in
your wonder, she is afraid to face the knowledgeable
people because she has no strong background about
Islam and its instructions. So, how can we let any one
to talk about Islam's regulations as simple as this?


Queen Rania forgot what the prophet ( P.B.U.H ) said
that the Islamic Ummah won't agree on something bad :
So, we have to follow what the majority of the muslim
Ummah agrees even if it is against our individual
wants. The reason is that The majority will agree on
the best thing for the whole.


Queen Rania has relied on the traditions and the
believes of Romans, Greeks, Jews and christians in
supporting her thoughts. Did she forget that she is a
muslim? Did she realize that muslims are different?
Did she forget that among the companions ( RADIA
ALLAH ANHUM ) who trasferred Islam to us, there were
10 of them who were awarded the paradise?
So, how can she ignore those people and rely on others
who ALLAH describes them ( AL MAGH'DOOB ALAYHEM ) and
( ADDALLEEN ) ( Surat Al - Fateha ).
Thus her basis is completely false.


If we, roughly, agree with her about Surat (33) , AYAH
(59), in making the length of the dress open for
individual decision, we will find the following:

* One woman would decide to make her skirt long to her
* Another woman would make it mini Jeeb
* Another woman would make it Micro Jeeb
* Another woman would make it ( kelot )

Think of how worse it would be if the islamic dress is
left for personal choice!!!

I don't say to make restrictions, but I say to make
the dress consistent with hiding the woman's body
So, letting the woman to choose the dress without
regualtions is a way to spread the ( FAHESHA )because
the women have a nature to show their beauties. They
like to do so because of their emotions. Thus if we
let them to apply what they like without a control,
everything will be lost.


Did queen Rania forget that once the AYAH (31) in
Surat ( Al NOOR No.24 ) was revealed, the muslimat
immediately covered themselves from their heads till
their ankles? If this was not the meaning, then the
prophet would say to them ( not to that extent ). So,
he agreed on what they did once the AYAH was revealed.
And don't forget that those women were arabs, and they
knew what is the exact meaning of each word. According
to what they understood, their believes were
transferred to us. And don't forget that the science
of Arabic language was built after these people passed
and not before. So, all of our understandings are
based on what we got from them because they were more
knowledgeable in arabic than us.

Tenth and last:

Did queen Rania know what is meant by ( LEBAS AL
TAQ'WA )? ( Sura "7" AYAH "26" ).

Did she know what TAQ'WA is?

To know the meaning, read AYAH (206) from Surat ( Al
BAQARA ). This AYAH shows the response of a person who
is doing sins once he/she is told ( ITTAQI ALLAH ).
So, showing any part of a woman body that motivates
the sexual feeling in males, who are not allowed to
look at the woman body's beauties, is considered a
sin. Of course, this thing is not clearly mentioned,
but this thing is a behavior that leads to sins. So,
in consequence, it is considered as a sin. So, TAQ'WA
is a broad word that includes every good deed that is
acceptable by ALLAH and not causing any kind of harm
to the person him/her self or to the community.


Finally, I hope from you ( ARABTIMES ) to take my
response seriously and to consider me as a person who
wants to show the truth. You have the right to verify
what I mensioned, but I wish you put this response
online, after verification. And remember, I am neither
a scholar nor a scientist. I am a simple person who is
caring about Islam not to be ruined.

Please, feed me back with your questions and comments,
and I will be glad to cooperate.

Sincerely yours,
A real muslim

Subj: From A Very Disappointed Reader
Date: 12/24/01 10:53:34 PM Central Standard Time
From: (~~~*NAJ OOLY*~~~)

To the respectful staff of ARABTIMES ,
I am a young reader of your work as i am only 18, but all the same I still
love it. I am from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a very devout reader. I
was very disappointed to see an article in your website that shouldn't have
been published. I am referring to the reply of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. Not
only is it withholding incorrect information regarding the faith of Islam,
but it is also downsizing the scholars of this great religion. The religion
of Islam has been in a very sensitive position recently especially the
scholars, instead of increasing this sensitivity, us Muslims(including Queen
Rania) should be trying to get rid of it. Further more the subject of Hijab
IS VERY sensitive YET VERY CLEAR, therefore its not right for anyone who
thinks they are right to just say whatever they want. I am very outraged to
hear that wearing a hijab is idol worship and that it is an unforgivable
sin. By talking about scholars we are referring to The prophet (sala Allahu
alaihi wa salam ) and the Sahaba!!!! We as Muslims are expected to follow
their great ways, and are CERTAINLY NOT expected to follow our own
interpretations of the Quran. We also know that sources of Islam are many
INCLUDING Sunna, so anything in the Sunna is required by us Muslims. I am
also sad about many of the points in the passage, but if I included them i
would never finish. My main concern is if anybody reads this article and
follows its wrong ways. I hold you, the staff, responsible of writing a
follow-up to this article to clearly state that the Hijab IS
WAJEB(obligatory) for every Muslimah. Thank you for giving me this
opportunity to express myself freely. I hope you take my suggestion into
serious consideration.
-A very concerned reader,
Najla AbdulAziz

Subj: رسالة الى رئيس التحرير
Date: 12/24/01 10:04:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: (jakop maleka)

الى الاخ رئيس الترير تحيه وبعد لقد اطلعنا على ردصاحبة الجلاله الملكه رانبا
العبدالله ولكن ماعرغنا مظمونه لانه بلغة اجنبيه فكيف بالله عليكم ودكم نقراه
هل نوديه مكاتب الترجمه اوماذا عسانانعمل به ثانيالقدوعدتواكل من بده يطلع على
مجلتكم يرسل عنونه وسوف ترسلونها له ولكنكم لم توفوا بوعدكم فهذه ثالث رساله
نبعثها لكم بدون رد منكم نعلمكم نحن هنا نطلع عليها بدون رقيب ولكن بدنا
نرسلها لاناس لايستطيعون الحصول عليها فهل توفون بوعدكم ام انتم عرب وانتم اعلم
بما اقصد والسلام ختام ارجو يرجمة الرد حتى نعرف مظمونه اخيكم فى العروبه
من داخل الكيان الغاصب اشدود من الشده

Date: 12/24/01 6:13:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: (TARIQ)

Dear Sir ,
will you please publish the reply of the Queen Rania in Arabic because we could not understand any thing .and I think it is imposible to read the reply with the quran near to us to understand what she means by see quran 45, 67, 78 etc. so please write these AAYA in prakets , that we can understand more of what she wants to say .

Subj: Her Majesty Reply
Date: 12/23/01 9:13:33 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Mahmoud Farag)

Dear Sir,

I read the reply from her Majesty and I believe that it is very
inappropriate to let this article go without accompanying it with a
clarification from any islamic scholar. These words - written to her
Majesty and sent under her name - are old and frequently used by people who
want to have a new Islam that suits their short life and they will learn who
bad they are when they meet God. Believing on part of the Quran and
ignoring another part is the habit of Jewish and hypocrites. In Quran,
there are many Ayaas where Allah ordered us to follow the instructions of
the profits and the scholars. I do not think any reply will change the mind
of her majesty or the people who wrote that for her. But it is very
important to have a written reply from a scholar to help people seeking the
truth not to be misleaded by these old yet alive words.

Best Regards

Subj: اقتراحات
Date: 12/23/01 6:27:49 AM Central Standard Time
From: (the wolf)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اود ان ابعث احر التحيات الى الاستاذ الكبير الدكتور اسامة فوزي والى جميع
العاملين في هذه الصحيفة العملاقة وبالاخص الاستاذ زهير جبر وبعد: اود ان اقدم
لكم بعض الطلبات التي اتمنى ان تجيبوها وهي
اولا: ترجمة رسالة الملكة رانيا العبد الله الى العربية
ثانيا:ارجو اضافة بعض القصائد لصوت الضمير العربي الشاعر الكبير احمد مطر واحب
ان اورد قصيدة من قصائده مع تقديم شكري لكم
القصيدة كالتالي

صحت من قسوة حالي
فوق نعلي كل اصحاب المعالي
قيل لي عيب فكررت مقالي
قيل لي عيب وكررت مقالي
ثم لما قيل لي عيب
تنبهت الى سوء عباراتي
وخففت انفعالي
ثم قدمت اعتذارا لنعالي


Subj: reg the the wife of king abdul allah
Date: 12/22/01 9:08:28 PM Central Standard Time
From: (akeel)

dear SIR \
thank you very much for replied to letter of Queen rania
my opinion this lady ignorant and dose not understanding anything about islam she looked ask someone to help her to search fopr few version in Quran to help her to show that she has someknowledge about muslim
the hijab is compulsory for all muslim woman
she is interpret the quran in her way to give excuse for not using the hijab as not suite her as queen and going outside with her husband
so this lady she should not say something with ignorant
as we know most of arab leader they direct the religion for there purpose as all of us know that
so better for this lady to shut her mouth and to teach her husband how to speak arabic

Subj: ghreebabb@aol
Date: 12/22/01 3:22:30 PM Central Standard Time
From: (ab)

queen rania got her message through to all the arab moslem by writting in english thank god for that
and she miss all the points ment about al(HIJAB) and she explane it in a way to cover up her big miss she create for the good moslem women who believe in the (HIJAB) the way it ment to be not the way rania want it to be . raina (HIJAB) the pic. we saw for her and she isallmost nacked.