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Sent : Tuesday, May 17, 2005 12:51 PM
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Dear Editor

I was between two minds before the start of this letter because I was so much taken by the murder of Hanan M'zrani, in fact I cried, but then, who cares...! She was murdered in the wrong part of the world, She died in "Ali Baba" country, music in their ears, (when I say country, I mean the name by conventional jargon)

If Hanan had to die under the same unfortunate circumstance somewhere else, like England for instance, her case would've gone before the House of commons to be debated

Poor Hanan, she didn't know where to die, she died in silence, even Ibrahim Nafaa did hear about her death, should it be Shiekha "banana" Mooza, tipped off her balance when coming out her limousine, he would've certainly boarded the very first plane to Doha to see for himself, in a reconstruction scene, the course of the incident and straight back to Egypt, after collecting his cheque, covering the full story in the front page, using the most emotional "sorry" words for the tragedy, to make even a monkey drop its tears

Ibrahim Nafaa: You don't have to pay much concern to your gross error of negligence, it won't cost your job, nor is your usual sweet from your sponsors! It will be sorted out over a quick phone call from someone...? somewhere...?, and  president Moubarak generously will surely forgive you for tha

Ibrahim Nafaa:You don't have to worry about the critics of Arab Times, because it is a banned paper in the countries of your favourite destinations, and if I were you I wouldn't think much of Dr O.Fawzi words, they will not kill your immuned conscience, nor would they upset your bank manager

Ibrahim Nafaa:You don't have to worry about the rest of us, we are Arabs like you, not exactly like you, but we know as you know, with irreversible belief that you are not breaking the code of practice of your profession by the standard of your country,Remember, your readers are Arabs, like you! EXACTLY LIKE YOU!

Ibrahim Nafaa:You know what is the difference between you and Dr O.Fawzi, I know the pair of you are journalist, except that one of you is a "journalist" and the other one is a JOURNALIST, in your eyes it would not make any differnce, the spelling is the same