Subj:asfoora was never jordanian

dear arabtimes,

I was shocked when I read your article about the new mukabart chief in jordan, sameeh asfoora, or farfora like we like to call him, this scumbag was never jordanian, fashar.

his father came to al mafrak from syria in the 40's, he was dishonored by his family over there "they say for being a spy for the french at the time", that is why he chose mafrak so nobody will know him overthere.

the whole farfora family in jordan is less than 10 people , they will all fit in one taxi, yes that is all, sameeh , his brother usama who passed away while working for jordan's tv, another brother, and their sons who are mostly either drunk or high most of the time.

the trade mark of the farfora family is having many faces, and setting people against each other , "jordanian against Palestinian, muslim agaist christian ,etc.", and sameeh is the king of kissing ass , and wagging his tail, and that is why the farm owner "sorry, the king " chose him for this position , cause he will never pose any threat to his rule, unlike a real man from a known jordanian family would.

sameeh farfora tried before to claim to be from the bani hasan ,which I am from ,but he was automatically rejected by the whole tribe, for we are proud people with a lot of dignity, and will not take someone who would spy on his own mom, for the sake of getting a promotion,and will stab his own king in one second if the tide changes, we welcomed noble hard working people to our land from every origin with open arms, but not this family of low class thugs .

as for what you said about him having some popularity, cause he sentenced the battiki for 9 yeras , well farora was promoted by al battiki and these are all plays to conceal the facts and the money which a lot of it fell into farfora's hands from the shamaila arabtimes called them those are the "baramika" of jordan.

it is a pity that I can't sign this letter which my real name for I know they will come after my family in jordan, for telling the truth about this man, me the hesini "from bani hasan " guy who my family lived in al mafrak for over 1000 years , have to worry about the farfora!!,that's what u get when you have a ruling system like the one we have in jordan.

please translate to arabic so everybody can read , thank you.

abu ahmed