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Sent : Friday, May 20, 2005 8:15 PM
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Subject : Your Condition

To Arabtimes,
As a publishing newspaper in the U.S., I think that the current and previous goverments of the U.S. gave you the freedom to publish these articles and opnions as long as it doesnt conflict with the U.S. interests. The major U.S. media establishments are owned and operated by Jews (everybody knows that).
My point is that the newspaper was allowed to keep running because it gives an indirect advantage (justifying the reasons for the previous and coming objectives) to the US goverment in a way that it makes its job easier in the Middle East.
If you want to fix the problems of the Arab world why dont you go there and fight for your rights.
To me I think that your causing more problems for the Arab world rather than solving it.

I cant say that your hiding behind the U.S. to publish your views but what I can say is that the US is indirectly using You to publish the views of the people living outside of the Middle East which serves them more (U.S.) than harming them.

There is no difference between your newspaper and the other Arab ones like Khaleej, Itihad and the one for Abdelbary Atwan for you all satisfy one indirect objective which is helping the US goverment in its major objectives in the Middle East.

Khalil AL-Mukhalalati
Ottawa, Canada