From : sean abdallh
Sent : Sunday, April 17, 2005 9:44 AM
To :
Subject : Reidentify Jordanian

To: Arabtimes Editor
Sub:Reidentify Jordanian

Dear Editor:
What is happening in Jordan right now with the royal family trying to find new generation called:ORPHAN. Those cowards cotrol every thing in my country to put down all Jordanian, so i'm not surpised if the new government has not inclouded more than five Jordanian from twenty five ministers, so what about eight Embassedors non Jordanian.
One day we are going to change this policy who makes all real Jordanian under the mercy of those cowards,by supporting this Marfia and beeing levant to all the corruption that occurs withinthe Govrnment dose not just have devastating effect on the country but all people that live here.

Thank you Mr. Usama to give me the chance to express my thoughts of the new episode drama of Jordan.