From : mohamad hassan
Sent : Tuesday, June 7, 2005 6:35 PM
To :
Subject : jordan

To arabtimes team!
you can publisch my latter but dont publish my email please!thank you!

there are alot of peopel are traying to get to you website after After you have published the letter from dr.abadi to the king of jordan...there are many peopel who are against the letter but the majority are with the letter.
1--i red that dr.abadi have been aressted but would you please tell us if it really happened....i hav tried to call dr.abadi but i hav couldīnt reach him...

2--would you please publish more about dr.abadi or more from his articels because we are very happy that there is someone who did wrote such athing about the jordanian peopel..he expresses the jordanian feeling...

thank you very much

mohammad hassan.