From : Wesly Hazou
Sent : Saturday, April 16, 2005 8:23 AM
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Subject : رد على ادعاءات الاخ سمير امام.

From : Samir Imam <>
Sent : Tuesday, April 5, 2005 8:41 PM
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Subject : The corruption in Jordan-educational scholarships
I Respont to the following e-mail that was published on arabitmes magazine.

Dear arabtimes
This is to let you know about one of the corruptions in Jordan.
In Jordan University of science and technology the president in very very racist(religous discrimination).He did something that NOBODY before him did.He signed for approval to sponsor a doctor to do ENT(ear,nose and throat)surgery who graduated from the university.That doctor is a weak and stupid one and in the university history they never appointed an assistant professors with such a score in there medical school and even when they announce for jobs in the public newspapers the number one condition is to score good or more in the medical school.Not to mention that this smart doctor went to Germany without knowledge in the german language so Do you think that he will master the language ENOUGH to understand his professors????Personally I doubt it.
Honestly speaking this president discriminates and he bend the rules for the benefit of his people(christians).His name is Wajeejh Owais
I hope that the king of Jordan and the influencial people in the Hashmite kingdom of Jordan will read this and take the appropriate action.
Sincerely yours

Reply : From W. Hazou

Mr. Samir, I am sure you are worried about the educational system in Jordan, but may I ask you this, how many tawjihi students(moslems) scoring 60 and less, were sent on scholarships to various countries and not even ONE christian made it ? Still you will not hear christians complain, for one reason, we know that no matter what is the religion , the jordanians ( Moslems and Christians ) will take advantage of their power. You might find it odd in the university, because amazingly a christian got power, and this is something not common, yet as a Jordanian, he will abuse his power, no two people will disagree on that.

If you are demanding this man to be layed off, then simply we can ask for the rest to step down also, but you as a jordanian had to throw racist comments at other people that do not share 1 or more properties with you. Everybody is using power to benefit his own people, and now it all stopped and everyone in the system became honest after he repented after stealing couple of millions ? I am not justifying what he did ( given your information is accurate) , but the whole system needs to be changed. You an a member of a country, your job is to cool things down, else we will end up like Egypt , and we do not want that at all.

I am sure HRM King Abdulla is aware of what is happening, but as a leader, he can not take random actions just because someone said something without evidence, that is why you are seeing changes in many systems in the country, and I sure Mr. Samir, your concern and others is taken into consideration, but HRM will look at it from a humanetarian view and not religious.

Thank you

W. Hazou

P.S. Dear Editor, due to safety issue, i would prefer to keep my e-mail and name secret if possible. Thank you