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Sent : Monday, June 13, 2005 5:07 PM
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Subject : Commenting on "Prime minister stopped chewing qat"

Oh how happy we are!! Our prime minister stopped chewing QAT. Our prime minister stopped chewing qat ya reggalah (belenglizy). Let's make that day a national day. Mr. Pirme minister, the president before you stopped chewing qat; how did that benefit the Yemeni people? Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister stop yourselves and your the rest of your gang from chewing the my country's assets and wealth instead. It's a good comparison; when you chew qat, you swallow the juice which gives you the good feeling, and then you spit what you store in your mouth, and that's what the gang that controls our affairs in Yemen does. They chew every good thing in my country and they get the best out of every thing and then the spit what's left. And even when the spit what was left, they spit it to their relatives and friends leaving nothing to ordinary people.

I bet you he stopped chewing qat because the doctors told him to do so. Mr. President and Mr. Prime minister STOP CHEWING EVERY GOOD THING IN MY COUNTRY instead that will make us happy, don't stop chewing qat because it is going to kill one day inshaa ALLAH.

Mr. President , and Mr. Prime minister, how long have you been a president and a prime minister, and tell us what have you done during your times that lifted the burden and made things easier on the Yemeni people other than stop chewing qat to set examples. Believe me you are not good examples and nobody will follow your lead. Instead every body is going to start chewing qat just to NOT to be like you. Mr. President, and Mr. Prime minister how many barrels of oil do the Yemeni oil fields REALLY produce a day? And even from what you say the oil field produce: How much revenue goes toward the benefit of my country men and how much goes to your pockets and by your pockets I mean you Swiss bank accounts?

Mr. President, and Mr. Prime minister why Aden's Free zone contract was awarded to "Dubai what ever company"? Don't you think that it's in their benefit that Aden doesn't become something, because it is going to take Dubai's position in the world of trade if Aden becomes something? How much they pay you and your gang to get the contract?

And if they really won the contract the proper way (because their offer was the best), don't you think that they are going to make Aden another Dubai but in the bad things (prostitution,) not in the good
How much longer are you going to stay president and prime minister? Why didn't you resign or at least your minister of education, when 4 or 3 young school girls (that's the ones I read about) died in Sana'a while leaving their school in the rain? Not just that, but some government agencies have no shame to go and ask the father of one of the girls to pay them for helping in recovering the body of his girl. Mr. President, and Mr. prime minister how much you get paid (your salaries), where and how do you live (your life styles comparing to your salaries), and how much the government employee gets a month and what is her/his life style?
Mr. President, and Mr. Prime minister don't stop chewing qat stop

chewing our country's assets. Stop being a president and a prime minister, and leave Give us our country back, let's (you are not included becasue you have done enough damage) restore the honor and dignity of the Yemeni
people. Enough Ali and royal prince Ahmed, and enough Mr. Prime minister.

Long live freedom and democracy.

A joke: they say my country (YEMEN) is the richest country in the world. WHY?Because its wealth and assets is being robbed and stolen on a dailybasis by the governing gang but it is still standing. If anothercountry goes through what my county is going through every day it wasgoing go broke in no time

Thank you Arab Times.