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Sent : Sunday, June 26, 2005 4:23 PM
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Subject : reply to letter, published in Arabtimes.
Brothers in Arabtimes, hope you publish my reply to

Mr. Manaseer

No harm of being proud of your family, it is your right to do so, but when using your pride to curse and classify people, and I am referring to Ahmad Oweidi, this is wrong. My letter came as a reaction to what Ahmad Oweidi has written, not because I like cursing people and calling Abbadi names. Ahmad Oweidi attacked almost everyone except what he describes “Real Jordanians”. His actions are not different from Ku Klux Klan, Apartheid and Fascists, and that’s the reason of my letter. He attacked Jordanians from Palestinian origin, Caucasians (Circassians and Chechens) Jordanians from Syrian origin and Jordanian Christians. Who gave him the right to classify people as loyal or not, as “Real Jordanians” or not. I mentioned what I mentioned about Abbadi tribe not because I like calling people names, but to tell him “he who lives in a glass house shouldn't’t throw stones”. What I said regarding amputating of hands and tearing out eyes of some elder Circassians is a fact that I saw with my own naked eyes.

Come on Mr. Manaseer, the first Abbadi minister is Dr. Mamdooh Abbadi who was appointed after 1989, and who was accounted as a supporter and a friend of Fateh movement, and was a very active opposition leader. He must be denying all of that now. Can you name to me Abbadi minister before Dr. Mamdooh? By the way he is now very ambitious to be appointed as a prime minister as I heard from his close circles. Subhan Allah who changes people’s situations. Mamdooh Abbadi is an example of “Real Jordanians” that were once cursing the hell of the regime and now they are looking forward to being a PM. I can name to you tens and or hundreds of persons that Ahmad Oweidi is classifying them as “Real Jordanians” who are cursing the regime day and night and hate the guts of Jordan.

Regarding being the most educated tribe in Jordan. The level of education is not measured by being an MP or not. So Noman Gwairy, and Abdelhafeeth Al Heet Afandi must be PhD holders, while they barely can read even Arabic.

What I wanted to say loving Jordan is not an attribute to sector of Jordanians. We all work for Jordan regardless of our origin. No one has the right to classify a whole sector of Jordanians as disloyal or traitors. You will find in every Jordanian sector some bad people, but this does not mean they are the majority of that sector, Disloyal persons, thieves, corrupts and thugs are found in every sector of Jordanians regardless of their origin, and this is the message that I wanted to send to Ahmad Oweidi and those who flock together with him. Hope you can translate this letter to the illiterate Ahmad Oweidi who can't write better than Wadha and Ibn Ajlaan, whose star actors were Egyptians and Syrians, or you can ask his brother Dr. Abdullah, whom I respect, to translate the letter for him.

Faisal Hasanat

Was written in Jun 14th