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Please publish this reply for the article by Dr. Mahmood Awad...

Dear Dr. Awad;

How come I never noticed how crappy Jordanian history can be compared to the classy, sophisticated Palestinian history! I’ve been there in Gaza and saw the real Palestinians, and I moved around and saw the real bedwins of Palestine and heard stories about them too!

U know, most of what was going in Palestine “which is not as much as u think” is because of people whom were not Palestinians, but lived in Palestine and built whatever was there! Most of the good, educated families in Palestine are of either of Turkish, Syrian, Armenian , Caucasian, or Christian Greek origins, and the rest of Palestinians, are simply a bunch of “ Beduin 7othaleh” … ask ur parents about whom was controlling and introducing any new thing to Palestine… trust me, they will tell you that beduins and natives of Palestinian origins were much much worse than their fellow eastern Jordanians.

I don't know why you are still mumbling about stories you heard from your parents when they flee their house, and couldn't find a way to squeeze out their frustration and anger other than exploding in the face of people whom housed them.

One last note, do you really know that almost all the honor killings, thefts, and crimes in Jordan are made by Jordanians of Palestinian origin. Palestinians in Jordan are not as educated and classy as u might think…. Just go to Syria, and Lebanon and see how they are treated and how they are looked at…. Not as classy and intellectual as u might think at all!


Ruby abed

Washington DC