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Sent : Thursday, July 7, 2005 4:01 PM
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Dear Dr. Fawzi:

These terrorist attacks that are destroying the name of the Arabs and Islam should be stopped. Not the Americans or the British will be able to stop them.
Arabs and Muslim world are the capable ones. Citizens of these countries should focus on denying these attacks rather than being cheered or ignorant about it.

As a man who lived in Jordan for couple of years, I do understand how people would think about these issues. I believe what I read in Jordan Times about King Abdullah 2-3 days ago was very encouraging, but we need the people of other countries around to support this. People are brain-washed and are denying this fact. This is outrage when you think that blowing yourself or killing people is not a sin. God never wanted us to kill ourselves like this. If people in the Arab world believe that they deserve it, then we are using the jungle method of life ... kill who kills you!

I am not blaming the Islam or the Arabs for this, but I am blaming them for letting those extremist to use their name to destroy the world.

We should start from here, from this Liberal newspaper, out making fun of a man in the Jordanian parliament who can't change or do anything, you should start to write things to encourage people to understand that terror will only destroy lives and our kids lives. Dr. Fawzi, you are also an American, you understand the life here...

Please go ahead and start writing about how bad is those attacks. We need to encourage people to ask to stop these actions that are destroying us first. ...

Peace be with you.


Danny Van
New Orleans, LA

- I am a Dutch immigrant to the US. I moved here around 7-8 years ago.