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Sent : Friday, December 9, 2005 1:08 PM
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Subject : financial fraud

Dear Dr Osama

Being living abroad, as well as being accommodates my self with that fact that I am somebody who has holding that kind of blood in his body, keeps me in deed so thirsty to be acquainted with Arabic world news. Since I was born as a Jordanian and very depressed and down, about what is going on there in that peace of land makes me wake up each single morning to pick up my laptop in order to have a look at their deception on the internet.

However, this morning when I was reading the stupid layout Arabic news’ websites, once again I found out a new joke has just came up in the pickpockets semi country, I won’t call them thieves since those have an indispensable self respect and at least don’t steal their own stuff.

Disgusting, vile, rotten, revolting and nauseating could be all what can anybody says when he reads the report posted in al-rai newspaper. Government fetches into view the financial fraud of 18 up 25 million dollars. The perpetrated has improperly taken over several Jordanians for the purposes of currency exchanges, and giving them promises with a profit percentage up to 32%. Wow, I mean how weird is that? I personally believe that if Bill Gates knew about the size of the profits, he would have invested all his money in that bull shit. What a greedy bastards, I am not even fascinated to know the details of the fraud but I actually wonder why those people have been always complaining about financial situation in Jordan. What kind of contradiction is that? The truth it sours.

Dr Osama, that couldn’t impossibly be a new phenomena in Jordan regardless to mention the previous incidents, meanwhile I am talking about the financial demographic of the population of Jordan, how stupid are they? Especially when I knew from a couple of friends that one of the victims of the accused 25 old boy is a reputed tribe in Jordan with a loss up to 900000 $, how could those greedy bastards trusted somebody without any proof of guarantee.

Eventually, according to USSS Financial Crimes Division, the Financial Institution Fraud (FIF) and Related Criminal Investigations’ rules and regulations (2004), as a result Jordan can be rated as one of the best markets in term of the financial fraud and that for the following reasons:

1. The incredible percentage of idiots in Jordan, to be targeted once the financial fraud processes launched.
2. The extreme absent of rules and regulation in the middle of nowhere area as a whole.
3. New developed market and that means fewer competitors and fewer services at the same time.
4. Inconceivable flexibility of any kind of new businesses in Jordan with regards to the facilities presented for the international investment.


Mark Brown