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Sent : Thursday, March 24, 2005 9:24 AM
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Subject : A reply to the proud Jordanian citzen

To the publisher of Arab times,

I have enjoyed reading Arab times articles since I was 19, It has been a couple of years now. My favorite writer is Dr.Osama Fawzi, I seriously admire his unique style of writing which combines humor and sad but very true facts about the Arabic community.

I have never participated in posting up or replying to any letters published by anyone. I follow the concept of "if talk was made out of silver, silence is made out of gold", but today this has changed because of the insults received by a very uneducated, self-orientated, Neanderthal who chooses unwise words to reply to another Neanderthal.

If you can kindly post this very humble letter as a reply to the letter by Ahmad Sameer, subject Jordan First, and E-Mail Address on your website I would deeply appreciate it if you can post this very first letter of mine.

Regards, RSK

Dear Jordanian Citizen,

The people of Iraq are not insects as you have described us, we are a civilization relating to approximately 7000 years, I assume your country was the first country in the world to invent reading and writing. Speaking of writing, I think you have to excuse my PC because it doesn't have any Arabic language support, but hopefully your king can translate it to you, since he was born and raised in the U.K.

If you are saying that the Iraqi people are well known for being Homosexual, which is your personal opinion. I mean if you have had a relationship with one that's also a personal issue that you might want to discuss with yourself.

Speaking of democracy, your country is well known to stand against protests. As soon as the authorities hear of a protest, we will see the all mighty army of Jordan which consists of 3 pickup trucks and 4 camels rush to the university to unleash a lethal punishment on those who dare to protest.

If we have stabbed the Jordanian crown and the Jordanian people in the back, your people and your king have killed the proud Iraqi people by involving in your kings many conspiracy theories, After all, who would fly to Israel and warn Israeli P.M about attacks and assassination plans, but your king.

If we are so bad, please do give us the oil that we have supplied you for the last 13 years. Do kick us out and we will be oh so very happy if you can advice us more about the Jordanian hypocrisy, sorry I meant Democracy.


PS: Your country's economy solely depends on money coming in from outsiders, I suggest that you should start developing your education system and your capabilities so people won't come to your country to do it for you.