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Subject : Military Grants and Mohammad Majed el Eittan

Dear Dr.Osama Fawzi and his respected team please do not publish my e-mail address and the e-mail as a whole, but feel free to publish or to build articles based on this e-mail.

This e-mail is created from two phases the first one is about general information about procedures for acquiring a grant .Phase two is military grants and apractical example.

Phase One

If we want to tackle the problem mentioned about undeserved scholarships and grants which a feature of many features of corruption in our country Jordan we must come to the roots and legislations which make it easy to steel a scholarship and give it to the people who have more power not the people who have more Brains.

Did you know that there is no procedure to apply for a scholarship for higher education in the Jordanian universities .If someone wants to apply for a grant he
must go to the Universities research centre or External relation centre to ask how could I apply for a scholarship, usually people there tell you follow the newspaper ,others say write a Request for your Request “estedaa” in the Diwan of the University, since I was once in this situation I asked ok how do you chose the people after writing this Request in a blank paper ,they told me off course if you have an Unconditional Acceptance you have to wait until vacancies are announce in the newspaper after that we gather candidates applications and the final stage the University president will chose to whom the scholarship will go ,this is your first option ;the second one is why to wait so long and most of the vacancies are not announced in the news paper move your connections your Wasta and let the University President Recommend you and chose you for a scholarship which the next day you will have in your pocket …so I concluded that in both options the University president has all the power and this is applied in all of the Public Jordanian universities and 90% of scholarships goes to their relatives connections or sometimes they give it for a percentage of money.

The money we are talking about dedicated for higher education is massive  For example (data is reliable )
1- The University of Jordan has a budget of 1, 5 Million / JD for yearly Scholarships
2- Al-Hashmia university 2, 2 Million / JD for yearly Scholarships
3-Al- El- Bait 700,000 JD / JD for yearly

These big numbers dedicated for grants are selected based on the choice of the University President, Other thing there is no Procedure what so ever to apply for these Grants ... Imagine “Deiwan el Khedma el Madania” with all of the restrictions ,exams ,and parliament observation , and public observation all are trying to manage it fairly people with power easily manage toachieve their goals and steal peoples places and jobs, what can we say about external grants which no one is observing them there are no application methods and the choice is made by one man who is the University President .

This means every loser from the people who have high ranks in the Government who passes the English TOFEL or ILETS and has an acceptance to any University in the USA or the UK will certainly achieve ascholarship.

I have meet a lot and a lot of them in my studies abroad and to be honest most of them are good student but this is not my concern the problem is there are poor people who deserved the Scholarship who don’t have money to fund them selves and the sons of rich and ruthless people who don’t deserve the scholarship have it .

Phase Two

I laughed when Dr.Fawzi wrote about these people who buy the exams questions, not Only Tawjihi is the problem ;but when applying to Jobs, milliners scholarships, even when going training in another country for the military , police ,and intelligent forces usually exams are taken between participants and this is not the only factor but the years of service and ranking play roll. Of course the people who have more power spend their military life in London USA France and even Gulf countries mostly Non pure Jordanians achieve these grants and trainings ….I am a pure Jordanian and really am amazed by the Way my people love the system after all the uumiliations they take from the system …strange people any way I will tell you a story of a Guy who achieved a military
Grant for higher studies in a very suspicious circumstances.

Mohammad Majed el Eittan the Commander of the Police Force In Jordan has a son strangely called Firas ,this Firas graduated from the Faculty of law at JordanUniversity Last year.

This Firas when he was at the University of Jordan was an average student …as he graduated from the University of Jordan he went on and Joined the Police
force but as we all know what can a University graduate achieve from the Police Job in Jordan; if he wants to achieve something it must be after 30 Years service at least. To solve the problem a grant was created to a 1 year study in the UK and precisely in London, nevertheless as Firas being New to the police
force and there are people who have been there for 20 years and didn’t have the opportunity to go to Aqaba not London ,and as his father Position of being the Head of the Police Force it will be embarrassing for him that his son gets the grant and fly to London ,in Order to solve the problem a Competition was also created and exams were conducted for the people who were recommended for the 1 year Study in the UK and unsurprisingly Firas got the first and the highest grades in all of the exams and got the grand based on his hard work and effort, this reminds me about the Tawihi.

Here you have the 2 interesting topics please do not publish my e-mailes but fell free to use Its contents