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Sent : Thursday, March 31, 2005 4:32 AM
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Subject : Simply Outraged
Dear Readers of Arabtimes,

I graduating from Jordan doing the A-Levels and got all A's in my grades with hardwork, and nothing else bue hardwork and dedication. Although I attained high grades, there are no scholarships offered by UK universities to international students, and if there are any they are very insignificant. So now I am studying medicine in London, and all my expenses are covered by my hardworking father who has no affiliation with the government. As a student in such a situation, I was outraged when I found out that some of my classmates from Jordan, who were drunk failures who failed the A-Levels are on scholarships to the UK. I can guarantee that totally as one of the guys is a close friend of mine who is actually studying at Oxford Brookes, which is a very terrible university which has no affiliation with the Prestigious University of Oxford.

It's a pity how smart students are not financially helped, as I am not asking for the government to pay for the tuition but at least help in it, and very weak students who have actually failed there courses are being sent to the UK on full scholarships! I am outraged, this epidemic will continue in Jordan, people are judged on their family connections and not by merit. For example, even our Economics teacher in school makes fun of one of the Majalis in our class, by telling him that failures like you will once become ministers or prime ministers, and other brilliant students will have to really earn a living, and prove their worth.