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Sent : Wednesday, March 30, 2005 5:26 AM
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Subject : Response to whom Wrote against Jordan
Response to whom Wrote against Jordan.

In the past few weeks we witnessed a lot of Iraqis writing against Jordan which doesnít anger me, but the offensive part is when they write against the people of Jordan. Most of the writes were concentrating on Sodomy which is not strange for Iraqi people to express their inner minds and believe that other people are suffering from the same physiological perversions they have acquired.

Sodomy in Iraq it not a problem or a shame but itís a way of life, a culture and a Tradition .The interesting thing About Sodomy in Iraq that it doesnít have any boundaries or limits; it is practised there not only between men and men children and men but surprisingly between married couples a man and his wife, it is more than normal for an Iraqi man have an Anal interaction with his wife and insert it in her Anus.

This reminded me of and old Joke they used to say ďAn Iraqi man married his daughter and before she moved to hair husband house he told her ĎHis daughterí if your husband tells you to tern over in bed leave him and come home, after two years the wife left her man and came back to here father .the next day her husband came to take her back his father in Law told him whatís with you what did you want to do with my daughter ,the husband responded :I need to have Kids man I cant stay like that.Ē Ö.So for the past two years he was doing here from behind, to be honest I heard it from an Iraqi friend and I wasnít surprise because it reflects Iraqi culture and behaviours.

Yet we hear load Voices coming out and swearing on Jordanís people and calling them the remaining People of Sodom, well one thing is for sure that the People of Sodom must have left Jordan and moved to Iraq Kuwait Oman and some parts of Saudi Arabia .this can be concluded from the sexual behaviours practised in these countries.

Iraqis are the problem they are committing crimes against each other, and if we go back; who was killing Iraqis at Saddamís period and it wasnít Saddam Alone he had tools which were Iraqi People. Also they say Jordan stole Iraq How much did Jordan stole from the Iraqi oil how much did Jordan take 800 Million, 1 Billion lets say 2 Billion . Iraq has paid compensation for Israel 8 billion for Kuwait 32 Billion in total it had to pay 200 billion for the UN. SO Iraq money is a waste and Jordan took a Few of it and not for free it had open it ways for Iraqi incomes by creating political games and convincing the US and EU. moreover Jordan lost most of it work force in the Arabian Gulf to Stand with Iraq .furthermore Jordan was the only door for Iraqis who left Iraq and went to exile or stayed in our Country all other surrounding countries will not let them in .so these people who run out of Iraq and are proud now to write against Jordan and some Display their pictures on their articles, I say to them you must be thankful to Jordan which was your only way to fled Iraq and hide like Rates it was the gate of hope for all Iraqis and still is .

The Jordanian who blew his self in Iraq we all know that Jordanians are not proud of him And I am sure there is a miss match, if there wasnít if people in salt knew his operation was not conducted against occupying troupes but against Iraqis, I am Sure that people would Spit on his Coffin and burn him like a garbage bag. So let Iraqis take it easy and donít exaggerate things and say we are happy by killing Iraqi People which we arenít and will never be.