From : wathik walmayali <>
Sent : Tuesday, March 29, 2005 9:01 AM
To :
Subject : To All theft and traitor

To All theft and traitor

I will let you know if you are a man or not even I never seen Jordanian men at all. First you have to learn from Iraqi people the courage. From our history till to day the Iraq was free your people from co lines since Assyrian and surgeon alakadi how free your people in that time. Salah aldin did same think in Islamic state. If you talking about Hussein crises. Hussein killed by alamowy which related to same family from your area not from Iraq. The Iraqi people took action and defied them later. Could you shout your mouth because making no sense to the trash? Should proud Iraqi people under sanction which created by Jordan policy. The Iraqi people were fighting sanction and battle ground same time that you are to talking about them now. Iraqi of people was having respect from around the worlds not from you or Jordan. To all whom believed in our history and country. We will defied you later and teaching lessen never forgot it. No one will be defending your even America or your nebierhood. They will ask for peace in that time only from us.

Best regards,

Wathik Almayali