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Sent : Tuesday, March 29, 2005 1:00 AM
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Subject : Re: الاردن شذوذ متواتر 

Dear Arab times would you publish the following reply thank you Sulyman Elbaddy

I have read what this pathetic example of an Iraqi about Jordan, as well as some of the replies from other Jordanians.

To all my fellow Jordanians I say, do not generalize and hurry to condemnation of all Iraqis. First and for most those from iraq who hate Seddam, are either Kurds or Shaits, so it is obvious that this person is a bastardized Iraqi, left over of the other nations that have rapid his mother, the sperm depository. Nothing but grave worshiping entity of mix- breed.

For the red blooded Iraqis I say: do not let this filth get in between us, who knows he could be a jew, a kurd, or sha’it . At all cases he may not be a muslim and defiantly not an arab. Anybody here watches 60-minutes-CBS… the Iraqi woman they interviewed…A JEW

Yes, I have met the likes of you here in the states bitter, cowered who pimped the women of his family to go overseas, and now look at you… I have met the likes of you in Amman too, pimps and thieves… like you uncles ALI BABA, and ABU NOWAS.

For the lady who indicated that she flashed her US passport at the police officers to stop the beating of the Iraqis… lady just relax… Ask Dr Mohammed, I am sure this web site is full of his bitching about that maneuver

Jordan is the land of ARABS, others will be treated as they represent themselves.

All I say, we are all Arabs whether Muslims or not. In the west; we all are goddamn camel jockeys, even the Christians are called that….we all suffer from the tyranny of our rulers, just because one arab government is doing something does not mean that the rest of the people are in agreement.

PEACE, Long is the suffering of the Midget King.
Walla Walla, Wa