From : Nazar Dawoudi <>
Sent : Saturday, April 9, 2005 6:39 AM
To :
Subject : explaination

Mr. Fawzi, hi the new president of Iraq mr. Talabany in his first speech spoke of the right of the Palestinian nation, yet when you present the Kurdish question, you name the Kurds as seprarets, the Kurds did not displace another nation, as the arabs claim against Israel, Kurds have being living in their homeland Kurddistan for thousands of years, the MEDES sacked the Asseryan empire in 612 B.C., then came Alexander in about 325 B. C., who sacked the Medes empire, now the Kurdish calindr is 2700 +, so you see the  Kurds are not asking what is not theirs. Mr Fouzi; you live in America, and I assume when an american ask the frequent
question; Where you from, you obviously say that you are a Palistenian- American, you would not even consider to  to say Jordanian, why should to say otherwise, and are proud of heritage. Would accept it if an american will tell you we are all americans!, as the arabs always answer the Kurds that we are all muslems, or arabs, which means forget about your kurdishness, I am sure you do not like it when an Israeli labels you as an israeli !, so if you really consider your paper to be an independent paper, then let your conscious speak the whole truth, you out of all the people in this world should know the pain the Kurdish nation  going through over the hundreds of years, both the Palistenians and the kurds are stripped of the simplest rights to exist, especially in Syria where the " poor kurd " SALLADIN is buried, does not know what is happening to his people on the hands of the arabs and muslems, whom he had defended, in Iraq,Iran, Turkey, even in Lebanon they  are stripped of any legal rights including the citizenship. Mr.  Fouzi; Turkey ruled and ruined arabs' lives for hundreds of  years, now it is cutting the life line to Syria, and Iraq by cutting down the water ,and is planning to sell it to Israel, yet Mr. Asad sees the few kurds in a football game to be more dangerious to his national security, what kind of logic is this. The number one defender of islam, " Iran ", takes over the three islands in the arabian gulf by force, and it gets very annoyed if someone talk about it, yet the arabs see the kurds more dangerous to them, what kind of rationale is this , on average if a kurd is given a choice, then he would choose an arab over an iranian, or a turk, case and point, it is for you to make the right judgement?, with all due the respect Mr. Fouzi,salam.