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Sent : Friday, April 8, 2005 10:33 PM
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Subject : Who to blame?


Dear edito
I had an immense pleasure running through sixteen of the seventeen messages left to you by the angel guardian and father of the Jordanian minister of planning,bitterly hurt as it sounds by the insulting picture, showing up his son with Nattin...ya..hoo !!!

Would you please allow me to send him this open message :

Dear sir
I do very much understand the reason behind your bursting anger and the embarassing  position you are in...!However I don't really understand why did you choose to blame the editor for showing up your son, rather than not blaming your son for such a disgrace broiught to you in the first place ? Please cool down and don't take my words as a direct offense to you,because I don't mean it .But if you think it over again with an open mind,you will see that your complaint is out of context,considering that the editor is a professional journalist bound by a moral duty to reveal the truth in any shape or form...regardless! Your son happend to be exposing himself knowingly in the open with a "banned product"! A perfect attraction for any joiurnalist not to miss! Judging by the picture, your son seems very relaxed and curteous towards his guest,without any sign of strain or disconfort, for us at least to suggest that he is there... just to be there ...not because he wanted !

In fact this drives me to quetion myself,why did you take on yoursel the task of deffending  a well grown up man, holding a key position at that level of responsability?
I think your decision to act on his behalf to deffend his case out of yourself was't a sensible  idea,particularly the randomly way you did it !

I also can not justify your attitude of warning the editor not to come near your family?
Shall I remind you that Richard Nixon lost presidency of the United States because of a journalist ! Where would you put your son compared to him?
Another point that you made, out if context as well, repeatedaly in your messages,trying to remind the editor being an old freind...!!!
Is this in your openion the right guide line , if you were a journalist to adopt as your a code of practice ? overlooking wrong... and hiding dark side of the truth in the name of freindship...? What quality of journalist would you be in your own eyes ?

I hope you can see with an objective eye the logic of my point of view in this message though harsh as it seems to be !