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Sent : Friday, April 8, 2005 12:36 PM
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Dear editor
In confirmatiom to the statement made by the Palestinian worker I read this morning discribing his nightmare experience in Libya in complaint of the mistreatment he was subjected to. I would like to add in the same contexte what I heard myself from a respectable Tunisian businessman I came acrross coincidently in London who seems to know the "in" and "out" of this country quite well,. by the nature of his trade of course! He told me word for word,discribing the social climate :<< If Lbya was being ruled by its worst ennemy...He certainly would be more merciful,and human than kheddafi !!!
Also I don't know if you remember in ARAB TIMES the revelation made by Al M'hishi the ex minister and (collaborate during the king over throw ), when he fled to Tunisia in the 70's...,discribing the circumstance of the "coup d'etat" story when kheddafi failed to turn up on time that day to their meeting point at the H.Q of the television and radio station.When asked about his delay, he replied his "IKHWA" :<< I was lost on the way...!!!???>>>
That is a reflective indication to appreciate the degree of his selfishness,shrewdness,evil chemistry of mind, absence of ethics,absence of dignity and how lowest of the low this man is...!!!