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Sent : Tuesday, April 5, 2005 5:48 AM
To :
Subject : To all Iraqies from Jordanian Citizen


Dear Arab Times News Paper,

I would like to ask you kindly to publish my e-mail as a statement in reply to all the Iraqis who are attacking Jordan as King, People and Government.

First, let us just be reasonable and polite when we are about to talk about issues regarding all our Arab Nations. And let us learn some of the decent manners when we publish or talk about any topic.

To those Iraqis (especially the two stoogies: Nizar Haidar and the Dawood Basri) I would like to share some thoughts with them:

1- Don’t be so retarded and generalize when you judge people. And none of you jack fools knows or will know what is the Jordanian People and what do they think about Iraq or what’s happening there. So don’t go on and accusing Jordanian people. And I am not going to say any bad thing about Iraqis……you know why? Simply because I don’t judge millions of people based upon a foolish act that one person did….otherwise, I will be a stupid retarded jackass like Haidar or Basri!!!

2- Don’t come and tell me that Iraqis didn’t want the war with Iran and Jordan triggered it for them because if that was true, Iraqis should be the ones who stop it, otherwise, Iraqis would be bunch of suckers!! I agree that Iraqis are brave hearted people….but how brave they are when some one like Saddam Housien controlled their stupid asses for several decades!! and now they just want to hide behind their stupid arrogant pride of self esteem

3- Haidar and Basri: why don’t you translate all your love to Iraq by going their and share the political process there instead of hiding like chicken in Europe!! but I am dead sure, that people like you are just cold blooded coward who like to speak and issue big words while they hide.

4- Now you love Kuwait!! I appreciate this maneuver for you Haidar….trying to find any thing to generate a full circle and piss all Arab nations by your love to Kuwait….if you really loved Kuwait, why did you and other millions of Iraqis invade it and went there to steal money and gold….just like a dirty dog who looks for any meat to eat regardless what he have done before.

5- Dare any one of you calling Jordanian People the People of Prophet Loot (PBUH) you know why? Because the first Arab Nation invented same sex relationships (gay sex) was Iraqis in Baghdad. I can generalize here because I am sure about that….especially the Shia people were pimping on their selves for few dollars!!

6- Treason: the first disloyal and traitors ever were the Shia when they sold Imam El-Houssien Bin Ali for Yazeed army for money. And I guess both of you Jackasses know this very well…or should we go back and read History?? and the most thing that makes me laugh every time is when I see Shia grieve for the death of Imam El-Houssien Bin Ali and in the same time they were the people who sold him and set up for Yazeed army to kill him…what an irony!!!

7- killing innocent people is coward act. And I do agree that the massacre happened in “Hallah” is coward act and who did it is animal not human. But that doesn’t mean al Jordanian people are bad if one of them did something bad…did you get it? Or should I explain more you stupid jackass??

8- Shia and Sunni: can you please stop touching on that point?? I know what you are trying to do here…both of you basri and Haidar….you are trying to rage all Shia against Sunnis in Iraq …..

in other words, both of you are war supporters…trying to make Sunnis and Shia kill each other while both of your sorry asses hide in Europe!!!

So stop making fools out of your self…..and Iraq doesn’t need people like you…calling for terrorism and more blood

And for God’s sake, where were Iraqis and you two suckers when Palestine was taken away??? Are both of you going to say that King Abdullah sold it? Well let us assume that, but when 1948 or 1967 war was on, Iraqis were Pimping in Baghdad while Egypt, Syria and Jordan fighting there… least show some respect!!

Best Regards….and I wish that all the readers of Arab Times knows these facts I mentioned about what Basri and Haidar write every time…and the poison that they are planting in this matter against all Jordanians!!!

Thanks again,