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Sent : Wednesday, April 13, 2005 11:12 AM
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Subject : Dr.Bassem Awadallah Bahlawan

Sir , I have no arabic characters , and I will do it in english leaving it to your decision if you need it translated into arabic .

All what you have been publishing about Bassem Awadallah , his father , his family , and their past and current history .. is the tip of the iceberg .. believe me , and if you will decide to publish this mail , I promise you more and more genuine honest information ... not for any material gain .. but for the face of God , and to get back on his evil father .

In an interview with Alquds newspaper ( Alquds is very romantic with him ) .. the minister says that he is " Shabaan min beit ahlo " !! ... allow me to shed light on beit ahlo :

His father Ibrahim , or " The Prince " as he wanted to be called , fled jerusalem in the early sixties , after a series of crooked deals , and leaving debts all over .. until this very day .

In his cv in the ministry of planning it is written that he was born in Amman ! , which is not true , and in his recent cv there is no birth place .

People from all over the world seek connection with Jerusalem , except this opportunist .

Bassem is sexually unstable , he loves high class prostitutes , and is widely rumoured to be bisexual , with a special close relationship to a lebanese young guy .

The whole family are heavy gamblers , headed by the patriarch Abe , and if you do not believe me , let your sources visit the london casinos to see him every now and then , on the floor , begging , and kissing managers and cashiers .. Dust anoder tausand .. pleas.. my thek will be dud .. I promith .. I luth tu mut muny tonait ... Walat ya bathtard I no you thinth twenty yearth ... You no my thun ... We tan buy you and your both and your tompany ..

And for a better view of the father , you can visit the lobby of his hotel , or the four seasons in washington .. to see this dirty old man and his character .

His brother in Amman is Mister fix it , and it is rumoured that he supplies the princes of the royal family with drugs .All the talk of him being a travel agent are crap and bullshit .

The family are professional beggars , pimps , and none of them worked a decent day work .

Until next time !