Sent : Thursday, April 14, 2005 9:44 AM
To :
Subject : answering mr. abu alsistanee

Dear Sir,
After reading your (facts), and as an iraqi muslim shia'a woman, i would like to add to your notes the following:
1- Please don't attempt to write in english have a very poor language ( that does not include the bad words, because people like your face learn them as a handy dictionary from the minute they step on western grounds, thinking that it will make them look and sound modern and civilized).
Your mistakes shows that you had arrived to this country as an adult who cannot learn, or a failing student.
2- Check out your facts... normally people read and study and use their brain, then they talk...
Sir, your information was probably passed down to you from your ancestors, and you are the parrot!
3- How can you ask people to stop doing something while you are doing it...How can you tell the two gentlemen whom you mentioned in your letter to stop the hate, while you advertise it..
or it's o.k that sunni's hate shia'a and the opposite is against your religion!
4- You ask the iraqi's to stop hating the jordanians... we don't hate you...we hate what you did and still doing to us, as people and country.. we just have mutual feelings towards each other, with one difference, we don't hurt you the way you do to us...
5- Your land is the land of Prophet Loot (PBUH) ... you like it or not, it's good or not, it's a fact, dear mr. facts....
Finally, as I said before, I'm a shia'a muslim.. most of my friends are sunni's from jordan .there is mutual respect and understanding between us because we don't look at this minor difference, there are much more similarities than one difference...Wise up man, it will make you a better person for youself and for others.
Note: thanks to arab times for allowing me to express myself...