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Sent : Friday, April 29, 2005 8:05 PM
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Subject : In response to Suzan Gharaibeh


In response to people who criticize Dr. Ossama Fawzi for his despise of the Arab leadership:

First, Ossama Fawzi is a journalist and not a social revolutionist. He sees something wrong and tries to fix it by pointing it out. He cannot be everything to the problems he sees. This is the job of a true journalist -to point out problems in our communities- and it’s up to the people to decide and act upon the facts that Mr. Fawzi unveils.

Second, Ossama Fawzi is not a conspiracy theorist and everyone knows most of the stuff he talks about. When he points out a big theft in one of the Arab governments, we all know what the solution to such a problem is –throw who is responsible in jail for it. So this talk about Mr. Fawzi being unconstructive in his views is a bunch of crap. Our “leaders” rob us day and night, give away our land to occupiers, kill and torture political prisoners… and we still need “constructive” criticism.

Third, even if Mr. Fawzi reinvents the wheel and he publishes a no-brainer advice to the public, do you think with our current Arab mentality that any thing would change?

Fourth, Ossama Fawzi is a cartoonist in his style of writing. He draws to us the real and current picture (what an ugly picture it is) of our situation as a nation. When we laugh at his jokes we always feel that “Sharroo al baliyyati ma yodhik.”

From all of the above, only two types of people would still hate Ossama Fawzi (and that should be an honor to him)

Corrupt leadership and people who financially benefit from them.
Brainless and ignorant creatures from Mars.

God Bless Ossama Fawzi and our Arabtimes