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Sent : Thursday, April 28, 2005 7:01 PM
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Subject : President W.Bush v "Al Jazeera"
Dear Editor

I woke up this morning to learn from "Arab Times"head lines that "Al Jazeera" is due for sale...!not because of a financial strain...not because lack of audience...not because shortage of competence...!Nothing like what might logically occur in mind !The answer is simply because this television station is not complying with the shape of democratic conceipt moulded by the United States administration...!!!
It has been an open secret for a while now that G.W. Bush administration were intimidating the Quatari goverment to put their foot down on "Al Jazeera" to alter the way they broadcast their programs and news in particular,in other words to restrict their freedom in compliance
with what pleases Uncle Sam preferences ! How well democtratic that is...!

Bear in mind that if Quatar encouraged "Al Jazeera" to exist in the first place was not for
the sake of democracy itself as an own-political choice, as much as to win rather gratitude and blessing from Uncle Sam in being a step ahead of the rest of the Arab world to submit to his call for democratic reforms ! However poor Quatari goverment now caught in the cross fire, victim of their own doing, missed out the point that, definition of Democray in the American concept is called"Pick & choose democracy", it does't come as a single piece !
It is a processed democracy that comes in different different different measurements...sophisticatedly designed to suit specific geographical borders...specific
vegitation...specific climate...specific people...and may be specific chemistry of minds ?

As it happens I wish if the American President will spare some of his time to address the Arab nation and to explain to us with his own words, as simply as possible,how does he see and conceive the democratic principals he believes in ? Also what is the best brand of democracy drug injection that suit better the chemistry of mind of the Arab rulers ? Finally what upset his mood in particular with "Al Jazeera" ?

Yours sincerely