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Dear Suzan

Thank you for taking the effort to comment on my contribution on Arabtimes Newspaper. I really appreciate it, but I have few other comments regarding what you called "lack of constructive criticism" and "spreading hatred and racism"..

Osama can not be spreading "racism" since all Arabs are the same race, and calling it "racism" makes no sense, it's like when Jews say to Arabs "you are anti-Semitism" whilst Arabs are Semitic too. That's for one...

For two, you obviously haven't read enough from Osama, and when I say Osama, I mean Osama Fawzi himself and not the columnists on his Newspaper. Osama have always been a constructive and critical thinker. Yes, he does swing his bang too hard on our leaders, but that's what constructive criticism is all about. The first step you take when you want to change something is to look at the negative side to it, not the good side.. to expose the corruption.

What Osama is trying to do (I think) is to enlighten those hypnotized Arabs. He's seeking "political and social enlightenment" for them all. I will admit that he says things, that pissed me off a little, but at the end....truth hurts.

Osama is an intelligent man, too bad our leaders didn't embrace him.

Does he want to be an American? I don't think so, but from the way I say it, he wants our Arab world to become something like America, and I share him this wish, and you should share it with us.

Take care


Suzan Gharaibeh <> wrote:
I enjoyed reading what you wrote to defend Usama Fawzi..
My problem with people like him is their lack of constructive criticism, dont you think that we need people who organized, plan, and really care about the arabic cause..instead of fueling hatred and racism. Most of us "I hope" are smart enough to realize how bad and rediculously stupid arab leaders are, I always wondered why do we admire people with stupid careless cynisism. I think you were wrong defending him, I think that woman who attacked him is blind.
But instead of defending those who do only but bringing us down, why not ask them to stand up to what they say and do something instead of the ludicrous defense that " well usama never said anything good about an arab leader" well he never did anything about it, he is simply a want to be american arab. which is sad.
Anyway I hope you are worth writing to.