From : Khaled Jordan
Sent : Monday, April 25, 2005 3:53 PM
To :
Subject : Feedback

Dear Arab Times

Please send my greetings to Dr. Osama who has successfully contributed to our knowledge, awareness moreover he entertained reading and made is simple, easy, and enjoyable.

If some one of Dr. Osama’s team is reading this message please consider the information I am about to write as feedback plus an advice and new thoughts about your leading web site.

The issue:

Even if Arab times is attracting a huge number of new readers mostly from Iraq and Islamic writers most of the old readers consider Arab time in becoming consumed And backdated and that is because a reader who had a vast library of information which he consumed over 2 or 3 years have now finished most of the topics and his appetite becomes open for more and more information.

In order to cope with your Audience demands and stay on the leading edge you must innovate and benchmark and come up with new ideas and contributions. . Arab times has finally come to a new interesting approach which combines its main goal of Tackling corruption in the Arabic systems plus a space for political and cultural writers also a small space for religious writes in this way it will attract readers from different back grounds and at the same time sustain its original mission and spirit.

Dr. Osama really you can make use of the following points which may help your website and I hope you could use some of them:

1-The readers letters you can start republishing reader letters since you stopped publishing them. I believe you can make a new column, which is called readers letters the letters that have General Information not articles or an article, which you see is not well written to be published.

This new columns will be updated weekly or every three days and publications must not contain swearing or humiliation for people of a country. You can start doing that by next week and forget about last year letters start from today.

2-You can come Up with a new column called the Man of the Week in this column you chose a figure which is a king or a president or a minister and you write your personal impression on this man “not all of your thoughts have to be true I mean you can say that the things your writing are fictions and unproven on this man or figure but this is your personal belief and impression and expressions about him”. Under Your article about the man of the week you add a space for people to contribute and say their thoughts and their experiences about this figure.

At the same time one of your team well cheek the comments every day and delete the unmoral comments if there are any …believe me it will interesting. and its different from the Column of “This Man” .

3- The caricature and the funny pictures were at the start of arab times a key factor on its publicity why don’t you go to your old techniques and make 2 or 3 funny comments on real pictures as we all know hundreds of them come out every day for kings ministers and presidents. It can go aside with the drawings.

4-Its clear that Dr.Fawzi is not present in the Website as before although its clears he has a good team managing the web site but his presence has a different flavour so I humbly ask him to strengthen his links with us and we want to feel his presence and his articles posting Arab Times every day or so “like the Old days”.

5- The old editions of Arab time you can start adding a new column called old complete editions where you Scan every Week and old edition starting from number 1 or 35 or what ever and make it completely available for readers …the whole edition not the cover …in a weekly basis you scan one old edition every week in an ordered sequence.

These are my comments and feedback which I strongly believe will richer your web site please accept them from a reader who has been reading your website from the day it started.

I am a Pure Jordanian form a big tribe and I have to tell you some of your ideas who my relatives or the people I know considered taboos and strongly offensive are being supported and accepted by the same people so please keep on the good work Dr. Osama . I cant tell you my name or identity but I am a PhD holder in the field of Organizational Management;

Kindest Regards
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A Faithful Reader