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Sent : Sunday, April 24, 2005 5:48 AM
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Subject : Reply to the Jordanians, and all Arabs in regard the Iraqis and Iraqi issues.
Shlama, salam or shalom.

I have been reading and reading and keep on reading the disgraceful and senseless essays published on Arab times, although I have sent few replies to Arab times to be published about all those who have attacked Iraqis, Iraqi unity, Iraqi democracy etc, but I guess Arab times have decided not to publish any of my publications.

I donít know where to begin or how to explain this or make some idiots and brainless people understand this issue. Iraq is for Iraqis, and Iraqi problems are our problems, not Jordanian, Egyptians Syrians or anyone elseís, maybe itís American for the time being but itís mainly our problem. I have no idea why and how and for what reason most of the Arabs from different countries try to constitute their wills and their opinion on how Iraq should be run, or who should lead us. For god sake, before you take one more step in planning Iraqi policies or how we should live and govern ourselves, look at your own countries, Jordan is governed by no more than 4 feet idiot, who cant even speak your own language, Egypt is ruled by a senile Mubarak who has no clue what the hell he is talking about. Khaliejies are ruled by Homosexuals and Children molesters, as for ksa well itís ruled by Bunch of washables terrorist, who would sell their own mothers for a dollar. I canít even begin describing Gadafi they can write a book about him (psycho are us) tunis, sudan and I donít want mention Somalia and moroco and Egypt to be honest with you.

Stop worrying yourself about us focus on yourself and how you Morons can better your lives, and rid yourselves of your own masters, I repeats again and again, majority of Iraqis care Less ABOUT ARAB NATIONALISTIC CRAP, OR RELIGIOUS CRAP YOU TEND TO USE IN JUSTIFIYING YORU ATTACKS AGAINST IRAQIES AND AMERICAN. WE LOVE THE AMERICANS AND WE HONETLY HOPE THEY STAY IN IRAQ FOR EVER, DONE.

I honestly wish usa will stay for ever in Iraq, in fact I was always hoping Iraq would become state #51. Iraq must overcome this Arab and Islamic nationalistic bull shit. Third Iraq must quit from Arab league and allocate the money for that useless organization on more appropriate things like education and health care in Iraq itself, and one more thing Stop giving Jordan free oil, if the bastard King Abdullah can afford vacationing in France and owning a yacht then he can afford buying oil.

Salam shalom, or shalma