From: Lawrence of Arabia
Subject: to Gaba3at movement
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 1:19 AM
To:Free Jordan Movement

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Its been a great pleasant news to receive the birth of your movement, a peaceful responsible ambitions movement aiming for our modernisation and development of our country, your movement is something the writer of these words wanted to start back from the year 2000 as a university student involved in forming a similar movement that was rapidly attacked by the General Intelligence Department GID, your movement is definitely what the youth are and should be aiming for, the most aspect I regard appealing is your support to National Unity and your emphasis on the movement to be National not Political.

The reason I am writing for you are to express my support, offer my collaboration and hopefully coordinate future actions. more importantly Iím writing this to warn you about how experts are the GID in going through your movement by undercover cheap agents that probably caused the arrest of some of your key members, to be very truthful I advise you even to be careful in corresponding to this letter! and equally I am keeping my identity classified meanwhile, all what I can say at the moment is Iím a resident in the UK currently and was previously member of the academic staff at a leading university in the UK, Iím the one who recently published a letter (in English) at ArabTimes website regarding the scholarships scandal in Jordan.

I could employ my long experience in Student activism and my other various capabilities additional to the convenience of being in the UK to support the movement; this support is beyond your evaluation.

Similarly to what the colleagues in Free Jordan Movement have suggested I am also willing to translate your letters and further sustain the movement in the following aspects:

2 Boosting your Campaign in the media: beyond forwarding letters and writing articles backing the movement cause, I donít rule out the possibility of personally representing your movement to the British Media.

3 Technical Support in providing safe and secure web hosting of a patriotic Jordanian websites maintained from the UK (far from GID interference).

4 Recruitment, Organisational Management and Funding.

Please forward my letter to your Executive committee

Accept my regards and allow me to apologise for not writing in Arabic (but I will soon) and to apologise for not revealing my identity yet, please accept me temporarily as Lawrence or ĒEl-OransĒ, feel free to contact me and to secure a better channel of communication, once I see your determination my support in endless.

It is about time to civilise the country and end all the hypocrisy and corruption, working together beyond regional, religious and ethnic differences, we have waited for so long.

For those who started this movement and for those about to join: I Salute you!


And lastly:

Sincerely yours,



Free Jordan Movement Ė Washington, USA

ArabTimes Newspaper Ė Houston, Texas, USA

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