Sent : Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:43 AM
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Dear Arab times, Salam,
Please be informed that it was wrong what you published regarding the Jordanian Chechens and the mission of Jordanian MOKHABARAT,You show the Chechens as two teams, it is not true regarding our UNITY. We the Chechens might be weak by many fields,BUT when it comes to our NATIONAL UNITY it is some thing defferent,We are one nation in side Chechenya and out side Chechenya,and no defferences between the Jordanian Chechens and the Chechens in Chechenya, our historical fight with Russia was never ever religious fight,it was just for our freedom,and no normal Shishani in the world will refuse any kind of support to bring the peace to Chechenya, Of course we accept any middiater between us and Russia to bring us to understand each other, For King Abdulla of Jordan we appreciate his roll to talk about our issue with Mr. Presedent Putin,. I am saying that although I am a former member of The Chechen Leadership, . since the trash of the world came to Chechnya and trying to make Chechenya like Afganistan ''' of course we should find the alternatives , the better ones,and nothing is better than negoshiate our issue with Russia it self and not with any side elles.
From other sides ,if you see that Jordan have some interests with Russia ,,WHAT is wrong in it ,this is the world deplomacy,and we are able to understand it. any roup of Jordanian Chechens coming to Chechenya are welcome all the time,so it was and so it contenue.

I thank you very much,

Walid Shishani /Sweden