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Sent : Wednesday, March 16, 2005 10:00 AM
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Subject : Wathik Almayali We are in terrorism of American

To all Honor Hero,

First, Jordan is not a country. Jordan was group of terrorism created by American policy. This country created by UK & USA only against our people.

Saddam was stupid and crazy to believed in them king and government. If he didnít making relationship with them we never be like this in bad economic and bad name. All worlds like us we like to have business with all rest of the world but not with Jordanian government or any government harbor them. Even here in America most of them are having business and using Muslims were poor people to be terrorism in the future. Also they get full help from an American government and business people. I see them here in my area in Seattle. Most of them are working for government of America too. This people are not religion people. They were been atheist if we looking to our people in Iraq. We didnít having Sunni or shiie all of them same. How they trying very hard divided our country why? Do you know here guys they teaching American people who to hat Arab by using devil and told wrong culture about us? I found out very bad news about us in American culture only but euro pain people knows our culture better.

Best regards

Wathik Almayali