Sent : Wednesday, March 16, 2005 4:55 PM
To :
Subject : Response to Dawwod al basri
Dawood, The only country stood beside your country and saved your family asses from the American is Jordan. This country and its people have hosted you in such a respect and they shared their food with Iraqis people. And now u r talking against it? strange !!! WoW the mice are started to get out of their holes.
Let me tell you something YA insect. You should be so thankful that we allowed you to pass our border to go out to wherever you are now. so kiss Our feet and put them on your head from Dusk to Down and from the Down to the Dusk.
Was Saddam bad ? didn't he protect your family asses?!! anyways you don't deserve him because now the American are protecting them and they take advantages of their asses ( you know what I mean, Jerk!) while you are outside the country and having a nice time.

one last thing, Most of the procurers (Whore Masters) in Jordan are sick-minded Iraqis. and I have no doubt that you used to be one of them to collect the money tickets to get out of This wonderful Country. So piss off and be a man and get back to build your country and protect your family instead of American. By the way I think you have a blond, blue eyes brothers or sisters, or at least cosines or nieces.