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Sent : Wednesday, March 16, 2005 6:08 PM
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Subject : عشائر بني لوط الأردنية

Dear Sir,

Sorry cuz my computers donít enable me to write in Arabic. I just like to tell u that u canít judge a whole nation form an action fro some people. To be unset with u, I feel happy each day I hared that an American solider killed in Iraq, but that donít mean I am with the action against the Iraqis people, I feel sad for every Iraqi 2stshd their. And I am sure that this is what the foreign want to happen in Iraq, no security and make them hate other Muslim and Arabic country.

Believe me no one care about Sadam cuz of Sadam, no at all the important for us is Iraq, cuz i believe the Arab without a strong Iraq is nothing, but at the same time i donít believe that America came to make the Iraq strong and democracy. As well as I will never believe a person America choose him will be a person we can relay on him. Cuz he work with sadam when he need sadam and he work with America when he need it, and that mean he care about him self not about the Iraq. May u think that i insert my self in issue I don't have the permission to speak about but for me I consider any Islamic and Arabic country is my country and I hope all the best for it. And believe me what ever happen their is something more important than the boundary or races which they try to put it between us.

finally I still remember shekh Ahmad Yassen before he 2stsh'hd after the Iraq occupation when he said, the victory of Iraq mean victory for Arab and Palestine and he ask the Iraqi people to do not allow the occupations make them hate other Arab or Muslim, cuz Sone and she3e is Muslim. They are not 2 religions.

Finally ur using for the Qurían phases is not right, cuz ur speak about a lot of people many of them better than me and may you, cuz this thing just god can decide it, and donít forget that Jerusalem in that area and its the 3ed important place for Muslim.

Thank u for ur patient and I hope all the best for u and for Iraq, hope that god will change the situation in Iraq as well as Jordan.