From: adel mohamed <>
Subject: Jordanian students in the UK
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 10:53 AM
Dear Dr/ Osama

I just red the topic about the Jordanian students poor performances in the UK. I am a witness for 7 Jordanian students who were studying Master degree in Oxford City last September. I swear to god none of them can use even the basic computer keyboard. I remember how they use to show off by the big family names they have in Jordan. They use to make fun of my Palestinian friend who hold the Jordanian citizenship too but they know he is Palestinian from his family name as I founded a very false discriminated way although my friend is studying his PhD not a master like them.

Back to one of these Jordanian students, he scarcely got 4 overall 9 in ILETS after taking this language test to study Law. I remember I never see him or his friends in the university or computers laps as they always go clubbing and getting drunk beside some private parties in this house!! As all master students should write (a dissertation of 15-20.000 words) I was surprised to know they all got it very quick and earlier than any one of us… but because I do not do the same degree they are doing.. I was told by one of them that their dad send them (written dissertation already) as his father is a famous lower and used to me a Minster in Jordan?!! But the most shocked news I know that this student told me that he will teach in the university in Jordan when he will back and when I asked him how and he never have any life or work experience he told me that his father will arrange every thing to him and no one can say no to his father??!!!

Lana allah in our Arabic world.

Salam alucom

Adel Mohamed

Student in Oxford