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Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Jordanian Engineer, leaving and working in United Kingdom. I am one of Arab times daily readers, thatís does not mean that I agree with every thing which is published their because I think you go extremely far a way like when you but some sort of shit about Ms Banana (MOZEH  ) because I donít really like to know I bout this sort of shit. However, I like the way which u discuss the corruption in the Arab systems, and the corruption in the Jordanian monarch system, I think the kings personal life is up to him either to fuck, drink, or gamble, I donít really care about that. While I do care, When is the matter is a public issue like spending the poor peoples money on gambling not his own money or when some body steel some thing from the public wealth.

Recently I have read an article with the title off {تيتي تيتي .... زي ما رحتي .... زي ما جيتي}
Yes thatís true the Jordanian (AL DEWAN) they are sons of bitches and fucking mother fuckers, (excuse my language they deserve it ) whey do they spend all this money upon fucking stupid ignorant and arrogant mommy boys. I have meat a lot of these kids, and they have absolotly no shame.
Why the fuck they spend the government money on such a stupid boys, they spend most of their times in uk in the poops and the clubs and when they set together they donít say any thing usefully just that is fucking Jordanian OR fucking Palestinian.

While I have seen some of smart young guys in the schools, in some places in the south and in Amman trying to take some cans out of the bins (EL7awiat).
7 or 8 years ago I went to Jordan and I asked abut one of the clever poor boys, I have been told that is in the (Swaqah) committing (SEREQAH), although he was the Top of his class at the school. If he were in USA, they would have made a giant out of him.

(KOSS A7íet Heak Doleh Manowkah).

Top of Universities they get NOTHING expect some shit or poor salary, But SON OF 3ALAN even he faild in Twjehe 3 times and get his degree in privet uni in 6 Years will Get 1000 JD RATEP.
The KING is always saying that he wants to reduce what the government spends and this is KETHEB.