From : Abdallah Abdul Halim
Sent : Saturday, March 26, 2005 8:16 AM
To :
Subject : Re:Mr. Ziad El Selwadi article about USA Termination

Please don't show my e-mail, Thank You

Dear Brother,

I have forced my self to read your whole article, even though it was very confusing and unclear. I have never enjoyed math classes at elementary school but man you make it seam much worse.

First of all, the only reason that caused the Native Americans to face the ultimate death was that they had superstitious people like your self. People who refused to learn from the attacker and fight back because they believed that ghosts and souls of their early fathers will come back and defend them, and thus as you see they were terminated.

Second of all, I have done a research on the internet and there is no single site that has talked about a thing that will approach near to earth in year 2007. Also if there was a thing that will travel near earth then the whole planet will be terminated. You can log on to NASA website and see the events that will occur in 2007:

Last, Man what is the difference between you and people who read the hands or who believe that the stars could tell the futures. You use numbers that you get from the Quraan and you invent equations that suits your imagination best and they form shapes that they like from the stars in the sky or from the lines in the hand and they try to translate it to what they wont. Bottom line, this is all in the future and god have told the prophet that he cant tell future so defiantly people like you and me wont be able to do so.

I am a religious person and I like to read but man I have never read anything in the books of the great Islamic scholars about numbers and formulas in Quraan. For god sake, stop this stupidity and go find a better job to do man instead of trying to tell the fortune. Or if you can't find a better job just don't link the holly Quraan to your fortune telling.

Best of Luck