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Sent : Sunday, March 20, 2005 8:26 AM
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Subject : not all jordanians hate iraqies

al salamo alaykom,
i am jordanian who live in the united states. i really don't understand why iraqies say ( all jordanians) when they want to say a negative thing about jordan.

i hate the royal family as ( most jordanian do). i think iraqies know the fact that the king of jordan is the one who is in charge of everything. He hires the everyone in the government and he is a dictator, so what he says or do doesn't mean that is what all gordanians do. i love iraqies as i love palistinians and all other arabs and muslims . i pray to see the day that iraq is a free democratic country so that might be the beganing for the change all over the middle east.

abot iraqies in jordan, iraqi professors are honorable people in jordan and are known that they are geniuses so they get hired in the jordanian universities before jordanian . about iraqi workers thats normal that he police are always looking after them to check their visasand they do the same thing with serian and egyptions.

about arabtimes, i think its number one newspaper , but sometimes arabtimes publishes some reports that are still not sure about if theyh are true. hopfully arabtimes will improve for the better.