Sent : Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:02 AM
Subject : Responce To Bayadani

Dear Arab Times, please accept my apology for writing in English: for my computer does not support Arabic writing

To Bayadani

You are speaking as if the Jordanian economy is depending on Iraqi's: Jordanians did not eat meat until Iraqi money enabled us to do so!? Your are insulting us, swearing at us and pouring your shit all around. Well since this is your level, i will suppress my pride and reach to your low level in order for you to understand what i will say. First, Iraqi's, as one person has justly said, are the last people who should talk about homosexuality, for the obvious reason that they consider it as a normal practice. In fact it is a well known fact that you can't establish that an Iraqi is a true Iraqi nationalist unless he bends over and takes it up the***. This has been always the policy of your rulers: Al-hajaj, Saddam and the Americans have all adopted this policy and it has proven to be very effective. Secondly, our economy depend on 1-Jordanians working abroad. 2-Palestinians capital. 3- Aid, whether from the States or the rich Gulf whom we respect, and whom share us the same feeling. 4-Few resources. As for the Iraqi money you are claiming we stole. Let us be clear, in any war the the neighbouring countries are the most effected by it, this is due to the commercial and political instability that effects the region as a whole. More importantly, however, is the burden of dealing with refugees fleeing their country. We expect that these refugees would be the most vulnerable (women, elderly, Children and disabled people). As for the healthy and sound they should be left to face their fate. Jordan has mistakenly chose to treat all the above categories at equal terms. The reasons behind this attitude, is clear, Iraqi men are either Semi-men thus should be treated like women or they are handicapped (mostly mentally as yourself). Iraqi refugees which crossed our boarders are estimated at around 300,000. What kind of prosperity did they bring!? Nothing expect for cheaper prostitutes and more readily available pimps who would beg you to share your bed with their wife's in return for a can of Pepsi or a bar of Twix. (You know I am not exaggerating cause you have to be one of the people who crossed the boarders to get out of Iraq).Thirdly, True there are Iraqis who are spending their money in Jordan as we speak, yet that does not say anything about Jordanians but it says allot about Iraqis. Why are they in Jordan? where did they come from? Why don't they cross back to Iraq. Simply, they are the rich people of Iraq: they are cowards traitors and worship the Jordanian Dinar and the American Dollar. Why aren't they establishing help lines or humanitarian charities to support the needy Iraqis? Because Iraqis are selfish hypocrites stingy and sordid. Iraqis rank lower than the lowest level of depravity. I am sure if you had an extra Dollar to spend you will use is wisely (in Iraqi terms that means searching for an Iraqi vulnerable lady and trying to seduce her into sex in exchange for it). Finally, when we stood by you in the first war we suffered huge economical blows. In fact the Jordanian Dinar lost half of its value in the international market. The Jordanians were not at all upset or slackened for all that mattered was helping the Iraqis whom we loved and supported. At that time Iraqis were cheering and expressing slogans and chants about the Jordanian zeal and chivalry, ten years passed and they are cussing us. Personally, I am not surprised or offended because these are the true values of Iraqis.