Sent : Friday, March 18, 2005 10:49 AM
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Subject : my dear arab brothers and sisters from jordan.

to Mr. Ousama Fawzi,
Hello and thank you(in advance) for the time that you will spend reading this message. I would be thankful if you don't publish my e-mail address because a lot of (junk mail) will maybe come in pouring on my head.
Dear sir,
I was on a trip to Jordan last summer to meet my family who arrived from Iraq. We spent there about a month and a half as part of hell.The jordanian public there admired Saddam Hussein and hated and took advantage of the Iraqi people.
In the letters that poured about Mr.Albasri for his article about Jordan, people claimed that the Jordanians stood by the Iraqis! In which way exactly?Iraqi's were treated like animals in Jordan.They were treated by the (if you have a dime you worth a dime,and if you don't have it you worth a piece of shit!).So, which food they shared with us, which present and which future.
The Jordanian people stood by Saddam Hussien because he was their personal bank,and he was the one who (attcked Israel) a wish all Jordanians have,but they don't have men to do it!
To all of them I say: You had no mercy on us, don't claim anything... We"ll never forget what you did and what you're doing to us and to Iraq,but our day will come sooner or later, and we'll treat you with the same hospitality...