From : Tarek Gasem <
Sent : Sunday, January 16, 2005 11:43 PM
To :
Subject : To Ibrahim El-Gendy

Dear Mr El-gendy

First, I introduce myself as a moderate muslim living in US for graduate studies.
Second, I will mention that i will use a polite and logic way to comment on the last two articles and others you lately wrote in arabtimes.
Third, I would like you to know that I beleive that Islam is mispracticed by many and many misconcepts have been added and discussed. We need some new brave minds to face the cases of modern world, of science. I can give many examples of cloning, transexual operations, ..etc. We need open conversations, freedom in our world, democracy BUT WE NEED RESPECT.

If you are disbeliever thats fine, there were always been. At the rise of prophet Mohamed (PBUH) mission (moshrekeen), during his time (monafkeen) and shortly after him (mortadeen) and all over ages (zanadeka) and etc.

If you are a believer but uses some philosephy for any reason thats also fine, all is of your choice. The only thing is that you need to have respect to others.

In a previous article you wrote: " entrance of toilet - I mean Islam-,....". What does this brings or aims to ? I do not know!! Now, you are gaining the opportunity of Eid- el adha and speaking about Allah-Ismail-Ibrahim as actors in one of Shakespear plays. Too many whys and whats.

Your claim is we should use our brains to explain verses. Ok good. But brain can never explain some phenomena even in our nature. One example, relativity therom and quantum mechanics. The only way they found to explain how an electron can pass a high energy barrier is that the electron acquires the form of a wave known as duality theorem (it is like how a man can go through a concrete wall). Tell me can a direct use of brain can led you to beleive in this.

Finally, i agree with some ideas you are introducing, e.g. All who had Hajj once thats enough this year and give people not only to Tsunami but to all patients in islamic world waiting for medical care for months.

However, as an ordinary reader i give you fair degree in inroducing you ideas. I do not know why you are offensive. Is it a reaction to your life and study in Al Azhar. Well, Al Azhar should also totally renovated to have people capable of speaking about problems of this era not the "Nafath Fiqh" as you mentioned and people who can face you and your colleagues by logic. I suggest you to write an article stating "Why I write", so that we can know whats your problem and your goal.