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Sent : Saturday, January 15, 2005 7:00 PM
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For Arabtimes to be really respectable source (media source, free place where every one has the right to write with out hearting others), then it should respect our minds.

I do not know what is the point when Arabtimes lets one ........ guy like ibraheem elgendy to write such ugly articles about islam under the assumption of thinking. If he thinks, why he is not so famous. I am leaving here in the states and never heard that elgendy has been nominating for a prize even if it is a diaper. He pretends thinking, and we are waiting him to be nominated for a Nobel prize. This is will never happen, I am sure. Only junke place contains elgendy, I am sure about, we all never heard that the NewYork times or the daily mirror looking after elgendy to write for it.

Why is he concentrating on Islam only! Is this unbias way to write?

We trusted Arabtimes as a free place where we all express and share for the sake of knowledge, for the sake of lightening our minds about how presidents and kings are working hard to destroy our life!!!!!!!

Osama Fawzi: If you are really sencere, then you should steer Arabtimes towards one main goal which is" How to make our countries a democratic???". This main goal can be achieved by concentrating on what the status (president or king) of each country is doen.

The contribution of the ....... guy (ibraheem algendy) toward this gaol is simply zero, thus I can not see the point when arabtimes called him a writer!!!! and can not see the point why arabtimes even let him write. It seems that Arabtimes is just a trash can, where you can find any thing even a diaper ................

Osama: Trust me, this way, if you do not stop this ......... (elgendy), you will loss all people whom reading and trusting Arabtimes.

Thank you Osama.

ملحوظة من المحرر
قمنا بحذف بعض العبارات من المقال غير الموقع لتضمنها تجريحا شخصيا لا مبرر له .... ولا نظن ان منع كاتب ايا كان من ابداء رأيه في امر عام او ديني حتى لو كان مخالفا لنا يسهم في تكريس الديمقراطية في مجتمعاتنا التي يدعو اليها الكاتب